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One of Smart Style’s 2020 projects was this ensuite bathroom - transformed from a medium-sized but cramped room to a modern and beautiful airy space. 


When they began the project, Smart Style was faced with an ensuite bathroom, measuring 6.5 square metres. The brief from the client requested a fresh and modern look. One necessity was that the ensuite bathroom featured colour via terrazzo tiles. The hope was that the use of terrazzo tiles would make the bathroom look timeless and chic.


In order to complete these specifications, an entire overhaul had to be done of the bathroom. Making the ensuite feel more spacious was achieved by removing a bath. This way, the bathroom felt more practical and could focus on being a classy, more airy space.  


How much did the renovation cost?


In an article with Houzz, Smart Style outlined the costs of renovating this bathroom. 


For materials, $3,289 was spent on the terrazzo tiles the client requested. Further wall tiles used to emphasize the terrazzo tiles cost $1,034. In total, materials cost $4,323, though this doesn’t account for any costs of shipping the tiles. 


Alongside materials, general fittings and furniture took up a large amount of the cost. The vanity - a beautiful, sleek piece of furniture - cost $3,207. The tapware cost $1,620 and the mirror $593. These two pieces serve to open up the space and add to the classy look. The ring of pink around the mirror ties the colours in the room together, presenting a playful, colourful space. The glass shower partition, which contains the showering space but keeps the room feeling open and spacious due to its transparent material, cost $1,485, while the toilet cost $1,413. In total, the fittings and furniture cost $8,318. Other unspecified costs included painting, windows, and floor wastes. 


The trade services required by Smart Style to renovate this ensuite bathroom added up to $7,662. The highest cost came from tiling, which cost $2,970. A close second came in plumbing, at $1,540, and plastering, at $1,402. On the cheaper side, the electrician cost was $660, the demolition cost at $440, waterproofing at $330, and skip bins at $320. 


Where to save and where to spend. 


To save money where possible, Smart Style employed the help of bathroom furniture manufacturer ADP Australia. They made the basin, vanity, and pop-up waste for Smart Style


Some corners shouldn’t be cut, though. When designing this bathroom, Smart Style knew to invest in the terrazzo tiles. They were explicitly asked for by the client, and as the focal point of the bathroom, the extra money was worth being spent. Smart Style invested in the actual terrazzo tiles by Fibonacci Stone for that extra wow factor and chic look. 


Smart Style is committed to excellent service. 


Smart Style wants their clients to feel heard and their vision to be realised when designing a bathroom. They make sure the best products are used, drawing from their designers’ knowledge. By using the latest 3D design technology, Smart Style is committed to ensuring their clients are happy before even beginning construction.