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Bathroom renovation questions you’ve been too afraid to ask

Renovating a bathroom isn’t a simple process and it often creates a whole lot of questions. And it’s no wonder – you need to fit in a shower, vanity, storage, toilet, bath, mirror, towel rail and lighting… and that’s just the essentials. Beyond fitting everything into the bathroom, it’s a highly demanding space in terms of function. And if that isn’t enough, once you plumb it, there are no changes, unless you are going to pay for the whole thing again!

Most people have no trouble imagining what would be in their dream bathroom–and it’s different for everyone. Some people have a vision of the entire bathroom, while others simply know what feature they’d like to add, but everyone can think of at least one thing that they’d love to have in their bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling is the perfect opportunity to change it up and create at least a portion of that dream–but there are a few questions you’ll want to ask before you get started.

While updating a bathroom ranks at the top of many a homeowner’s wish list, complete renovations can be pricey—to the tune of $18,000 or more, depending on the bathroom size and choice of fixtures.

The bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, but remodeling can be as expensive as remodeling a kitchen, you can go over budget if you’re not careful.”

To get the most for your remodeling dollar, analyse your needs and wants first to make informed decisions. These five key questions can help homeowners ward off renovation regret—or, worse, do-overs. Want to get it right the first time around? Keep reading to find out what you should consider before leaping into your bathroom project.

What is your budget?

Have you set a budget to work within? When setting your budget, consider whether you are renovating with the view to sell or do you want to enjoy the space for years to come?

Tip: In any case, it’s best to budget a contingency of about 15% for unforeseeable items that come up (e.g. dealing with plumbing or lifting tiles can expose some real nasties!)

Are you hiring tradies or is it a DIY job?

Bathroom renovations may look simple, but there is a laundry list of things to consider when renovating your bathroom space. Tiling, plumbing, electrical, waterproofing, painting – are just some of the things that need to be considered. If not done properly these are also things that can either compromise your look or cause potential problems down the track.

So how do you decide which way to go?

First look at the size of your job and your budget – are you planning a total renovation, gutting the space and starting from scratch? Or are you revamping what you have?

Create a list of the jobs to be done before you start, including:

DIY can be a rewarding and more cost effective option, but it’s really important that if you’re going to undertake any of these jobs yourself that you know how things like waterproofing and tiling are done before you start. You don’t want to start a job and then have to get a professional in to fix something later! In some cases (like electrical work) only a licensed trade can perform the work.

Hiring a designer and trades professionals is a bigger expense, however often worth the investment. When you consider the project management, organising and extra stress involved, it may be worthwhile investing in people who can take care of it for you – particularly, if you have an unusual shaped space.

Do I need to have a bath?

If you have a house with three bedrooms or more, most people would recommend a bath be included in your design. Most families have a preference for a bath, and it adds an element of luxury to your bathroom. If you can’t fit in a bath and shower separately, then the shower-over-bath combination is a great option.

You can still make it a design feature by building a dynamic base with the bath, as seen in this bathroom. Many bathrooms simply aren’t big enough for a bath; if this is the case, then a shower with a removable showerhead is important for functionality.

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Bathroom?

The cost of a bathroom renovation depends on many factors. For example, will the renovation involve structural changes, the type and quality of accessories and finishes selected, will plumbing need to be installed or plumbing fixtures moved, will you be supplying your own tiles and finishes or do you require a fully inclusive package?

These are just some of the many issues to be considered. On average, though, a complete bathroom makeover usually costs between $8,500 and $25,000.

Will the Agreed Contract Price Change?

No! There are no hidden costs or surprises, the amount you pay is the agreed amount in the contract, unless variations or additional work is requested. In which case, you’ll receive a clear quote before any amendments commence.

Is It Cheaper to Renovate Two Bathrooms?

Absolutely! Not only will it save you money, but also significant time and hassle if your additional bathroom is renovated simultaneously.

How Long Does It Take to Renovate a Bathroom?

Every job differs based on the scope of the job, that is, the requirements, the size and the complexity. However, most bathroom renovations take 2 to 3 weeks. Once we’ve provide you with a project schedule we’ll ensure we meet our committed start and finish dates.

Can You Renovate in Apartment Blocks etc?

Yes! We understand the rules and regulations involved in working in various building complexes, strata and different councils and we adhere to their guidelines.

Can We Still Use the Toilet Once You Start?

No. Once the renovations begin, most of the area will be stripped and demolished rending it unusable. At various times during the process however, you may be able to access the facilities.

Will I Still Have Water and Electricity Connected?

Yes, the water and electricity will only be switched off for a short amount of time during the renovation process, usually a half hour or a maximum of a two hours at most. You will be given plenty of notice when this will occur and we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule to ensure you are not inconvenienced.

How Does the Entire Process Work?

First we’ll come out and inspect the site and consult with you to find out your requirements, and provide you with a quote and project schedule. Once agreed, we then work together to select the accessories and fixtures. Then the magic begins. It’s a complex process that happens in consecutive stages.

The initial stage is the demolition and strip out, followed by electrical and plumbing, waterproofing and then tiling. Next the final touches begin as the fixtures and bathroom accessories are installed and fitted. Finally, the job ends with a quality assurance check and of course a delighted and satisfied customer.

Do You Supply Fixtures and Tiles?

Yes, we can supply all your bathroom needs. We work closely with various industry suppliers who provide a wide range of choices, at a reasonable rate.

Can I Choose the Tiles and Accessories?

Of course. It’s your vision so your input is key. Whether you choose and purchase the items from our trusted suppliers or suppliers of your choice, we’ll be there to make recommendations and guide you along the way.

Will You Need to Put a Skip Bin On-Site?

Yes. We will arrange for a skip bin for the disposal of all rubbish, old fixtures and fittings etc. The skip bin is removed once all work is completed.

Do I Have To Be Home during the Renovations?

Not necessarily. It’s entirely up to you if you wish to be there or not, but the team can carry out the renovations without your availability. In fact, you may prefer to be away while the renovation takes place. The team will be fully supervised during the renovation and your home and privacy respected.

Do I Have To Cover My Belongings up?

We’ll lay down drop sheets and floor covers to protect your home and environment. We will take every care to contain the renovation area and the resulting debris.

Shower, Tub, or Both?

While some bathrooms have plenty of room for a huge tub and a stand-alone shower, others only have the space for one. Which one you choose will depend on your needs. Many individuals with mobility impairments prefer to have a walk-in shower, while people who appreciate a good soak in a tub might not want a shower at all. The shower or tub will take up more space in your bathroom than any other fixture, so you’ll end up designing a lot of your space around it. That means that you should be clear on your preferences ahead of time. Be realistic when making this decision. If you really prefer baths to showers but find that much of the time, you’re hurrying through your bathing routine in the shower, you might need that shower more than you think. If you have small children, on the other hand, giving up the bathtub altogether probably isn’t a wise decision.

Do I need a shower or just a tub?

If a homeowner has the luxury of having more than one bathroom in the house, it’s a good idea to install a walk-in shower in at least one of them. Already have a shower elsewhere in the house? Then just a tub is probably fine in the current renovation. Otherwise, you should include a walk-in shower, if only as an investment in the future.

Accidents can happen that make it challenging getting in and out of a tub. With either age or reduced mobility, stepping in and out over the wall of a slick, wet tub becomes a safety issue; shower stalls provide less opportunity to slip and fall and can offer space for a bench, if necessary.

Need a Seat in Your Shower?

Building it in might mean that you decide to give up a bathtub. The amount of water pressure you like in your shower will determine what fixtures are appropriate within it. If you’re designing a bathroom for your children to share, two different sinks might be an ideal way to put an end to bedtime bickering. Decide ahead of time what features are most important so that it will be easier to make decisions about what you really need.

Should we have a separate toilet?

If you have the room, it is always a good idea to have a separate toilet. When you are renovating you may have some nooks or small spaces that don’t serve a purpose, this is the perfect spot for a separate toilet.

If you don’t have the space or want to get rid of your separate toilet in order to steal extra space for your bathroom, then you are at no disadvantage; most homes do not have a separate toilet.

Tip: The placement of the toilet is important within your bathroom layout. Ideally, hide it out of direct sight from the entry.

How Much Space Do You Have to Work With?

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them have enough room for you to give your creativity free rein, while others have only enough space for the bathroom necessities. Before you start thinking about your dream bathroom, take a minute to look at the space that you actually have to work with. This will prevent the potential for costly mistakes down the line.

How Much Storage Do You Need?

If you have plenty of storage outside your bathroom, you don’t have to worry about cabinets and shelves–though you will want to make sure that you have plenty of room for all of your toiletries. On the other hand, if you don’t have a big enough linen closet to hold your extra towels, toilet paper, and other bathroom necessities, you’ll want to make sure that there’s plenty of storage room built into your bathroom. There are several ways to do this that don’t take up space that you’d rather be using for other things, including shelves and tower cabinets, but it’s definitely something that you should consider as you’re designing your dream bathroom.

How can I create enough storage?

Most bathrooms have less square meterage than other rooms in the house, yet they have to store plenty of essentials, from shampoo to toilet cleaner, and from mouthwash to guest towels. While there may not be enough space in a bathroom to accommodate a full linen closet, you can increase storage by thinking creatively. Opt for an enclosed vanity instead of a pedestal sink to provide under-sink storage for less-than-pretty cleaners and scrub brushes. Plan to install plenty of towel bars or hooks, and use stackable bins in cabinets. An upper cabinet above the toilet is also a great way to put unused space to work.

Before you build in a bunch of storage solutions, think about what to put where—and prioritise making everyday-use items like bathing products accessible where you need them most.

We suggest choosing showers that are outfitted with little niches to keep from having to put shampoo and conditioner bottles in a caddy on the shower floor, where they’re hard to reach and pose a tripping hazard. The same goes for bathtubs: A wide, flat rim around the tub that can securely hold body wash, soap, or washcloths will go a long way toward creating a better bathing experience.

Should I tile?

Tiling does look stunning in the bathroom, but it comes with a price tag attached. While tiles range in price and quality and can be found at affordable prices, the key reason for the cost is the additional trades involved. Waterproofers, tilers, builders to level out the floors and potentially install under-floor heating, may all be required to complete this.

If this isn’t an option, there are some great vinyl flooring alternatives that you can use instead, just make sure they are suitable for wet areas. And walls are similar; consider an acrylic liner rather than tile, an affordable option that is far less labour intensive.

What’s the best flooring for my bathroom?

Above all else, take safety into account when selecting a new floor for your bathroom. Sometimes, safety means ignoring the inspirational images shared in high-end home magazines, which often showcase impractical marble floors. Stepping out of a tub with wet feet onto a polished marble floor is a recipe for disaster.

Slip-resistant ceramic tile are best for bathroom flooring. Look for ones that showcase a coefficient of friction (COF) rating right on the box, which indicates that the tile is safer to walk on when it’s wet than other types of tile. Homeowners often don’t factor traction differences between tiles into their renovation plans.

Likewise, real wood and laminate flooring are unsuitable for the bathroom because they can eventually warp or delaminate from exposure to water.

If you don’t want ceramic tile, there is still plenty of designs to choose from. Today’s vinyl flooring has come a long way, and it can closely mimic the look of real wood, brick, slate, or stone, but it’s much more affordable.

How important is ventilation?

Bathrooms are notoriously humid. Just as long, hot showers leave mirrors steamed up, that same moisture also coats the walls and woodwork—even if you don’t see it. The damp environment can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, unless you take measures to dry out the space.

Most local building codes require a ventilation fan in any bathroom without a window that opens to the outside. We recommend installing a ventilation fan, period: No one wants to get out of the shower and open the window when it’s freezing outside.

A good fan effectively removes steam from the bathroom and vents it outside of the house. Better yet, today’s bathroom vent fans work much more quietly than their predecessors, scarcely making more than a faint hum. Whether you opt for a plain vent fan, fan/light combo, or a model with a built-in heater (perfect for warming the bathroom during chilly winter months), consider this installation a must-do.

6 Questions to Ask Before a Bathroom Remodeling Project

How is the Room Shaped?

Sometimes, bathrooms are constructed around other areas of the house or given a strange shape to make room for pipes. You’ll have to work around the room’s shape when making decisions for your bathroom’s design.

What Features Are Most Important to You?

Whether you have a limited budget or a limited amount of space, there will come a time when you have to make decisions about what you “have” to keep and what you’re willing to let go. If you’re desperate for a luxury shower, that might be the primary focus of your renovation.

How do I make a design statement?

Achieving a stunning design statement in the bathroom is best achieved through the vanity; it’s a safe place to draw the eye and there are vast design options available to suit just about any style.

Consider investing in a designer vanity – there are some incredible pieces available if you know where to look. Matching a vanity with an eye-catching mirror will amplify the effect of the vanity. And if you don’t have the money to spend on a statement vanity, a stunning mirror and some on-trend pendant lighting can be all you need to make it appear expensive and luxurious.

What should I look for in new bathroom fixtures?

Homeowners have a wealth of options to choose from when redesigning the bathroom, including fixtures that offer a combination of great design, comfort, and high efficiency. However, fixture costs add up quickly, with fancy amenities like heated toilet seats and high-end showers equipped with multiple shower heads.

Putting the biggest emphasis on efficient features can help you recoup costs in your monthly utility bills while also benefiting the planet.

Everyone in the country should be concerned about conserving water—not wasting it. We suggest installing WaterWise-labeled toilets that use less than four Litres of water per flush. Additionally, high-efficiency shower heads can also provide the “feel” of having 100 gallons of water spraying on you while it’s really much less, and you’ll never notice the difference.

Next, consider comfort. Comfort-height toilets are the new kids on the block, and for many consumers they’re a welcome change from standard toilets with low 15-inch-high rims. The higher, 17-inch to 19-inch-high rims make getting on and off the toilet more comfortable for most adults, especially the elderly and the disabled.

Even after narrowing your search to fixtures with features that meet your biggest needs, you won’t feel limited on style. Sears Home Services makes it easy for homeowners to plan an entire renovation from the comfort of their own home.

11 essential questions to ask your bathroom remodeling contractor

“The biggest mistake a client can make when working with a bathroom remodel contractor is not asking enough questions and being part of the process.

Based on interviews and data from real bathroom remodeling projects, we created a list of essential questions to ask before you hire a contractor.

  1. Can I see examples of your past bathroom remodeling work?

Read your contractor’s reviews. Comb for details on their punctuality, communication skills, work environment cleanliness, and work quality. But if you see negative reviews, don’t dismiss the pro right away. Look at how they respond: if they show strong communication and conflict-resolution skills, they may still be a good fit.

Make sure you look at a portfolio of past work, especially if you have a specialty project in mind. On Thumbtack, you can look at photos of previous work for bathroom remodeling contractors before you hire them.

  1. Do you take on bathroom remodeling projects of my scope?

Some contractors specialise in certain kinds of projects. For example, one contractor may do bathroom additions, while another focuses specifically on small bathroom remodels. Asking this question upfront will save everyone the time and effort of a site visit. Also, if you need bathroom design services, make sure to ask if your contractor has design training. If not, consider hiring an architect or designer.

“A great contractor will go above and beyond to make sure a client’s questions are answered.”

  1. How many projects do you run at the same time?

You want a company that has time for you and has long-term relationships with its subcontractors. Make sure you and your contractor have the same expectations about how often they will be onsite once the project kicks off. The contractor should be open with you about how long each stage of the project will take, and they should show a good understanding of what factors could potentially push that timeline out.

“A great contractor will go above and beyond to make sure a client’s questions are answered.” says Michael of Big Brothers Development. “A contractor that communicates is not afraid of accountability, and will always be ready to answer any questions that arise or keep the client abreast for where a project stands.”

  1. Who will be working in my home?

Many general contractors serve as the business head and hire foremen to run projects. Ask to meet the project manager and make sure it’s someone you want at your house every day. Depending on the elements of your bathroom remodeling project, your contractor will probably bring in more specialists.

This is a good thing in most cases — you want a specialist for things like painting, and tiling. But make sure you ask exactly what will be subcontracted out and get background information on those subcontractors.

  1. Are you licensed, and insured?

Any contractor or subcontractor who works on your house should be licensed, and insured properly according to state and local standards. Insurance can help protect you if your home gets damaged during construction or workers are hurt on site, while hiring a bonded contractor can help protect you if the contractor fails to pay workers, doesn’t pay for permits, or doesn’t finish the work. Here’s more on how to do your research.

  1. What permits does my project need and will you get them?

If a contractor isn’t willing to get the permits, it may be a sign they’re not licensed. You may need permits to make sure the work is up to code and that your homeowners insurance will cover it once it’s done. Make sure to ask whether permits are required and, if yes, ask to see the permits before the project starts.

  1. How do you work?

What time does the work day start and end? Do workers clean up at the end of every day? Will they haul off garbage and debris?

If pros are working inside, ask how they’ll protect your hardwood floors from damage. It’s best to talk about all of this upfront and get it in writing. And don’t just take their word for it — make sure to read their previous reviews carefully to see what other homeowners have said about their working style.

“Anything more than [a 10 percent deposit] may be a red flag.”

  1. What’s your expected payment schedule?

It’s normal to put down a deposit of roughly 10 percent to get started, but anything more may be a red flag. No one should ask you for cash up front. Ask how much money is due and when, and get it all in writing.

  1. Will you itemise the bid?

Ask about the range of costs for the specific components of your project, like toilet installation, plumbing, and electrical work. This lets you decide if what you’re being charged is fair. It also helps you make adjustments to your budget if needed. You can get free upfront cost estimates on Thumbtack based on real pricing information provided by local professionals on projects like yours.

  1. How have you resolved differences of opinion in the past?

Miscommunications often have to do with both parties, so if your contractor responds to this question by blaming the client entirely, you probably won’t have a good experience. If a contractor obviously has a willingness to make things right with customers, you’re on the right track.

“Don’t be shy about asking the contractor to explain [specifics of the contract] to you.”

  1. Does the contract cover everything?

Review the contract carefully and make sure you understand it. If you don’t understand it, don’t be shy about asking the contractor to explain it to you. Make sure the contract has a clear start and end date in writing. Remodels are always prone to change, but putting as much of the plan into structured writing means everyone has clear expectations about what will happen when.

It’s also wise to ask the contractor what’s not included. This should help avoid conflicts during the project. For example, the discussions may have covered built-ins. So, are they included or an extra? If included, are they paint or stain grade? If paint grade, are they finished similar to quality you expect in furniture? A sample always helps.


Have you ever wanted to begin a bathroom renovation but you become so overwhelmed and confused that you put it off entirely? Well, I can relate. We did that for quite some time. It occurred to me that once I really sat down to think and plan, things became much more clear. It retrospect, there were roughly ten things that we ironed out prior to taking a jack hammer to our bathrooms. If you’re contemplating a bathroom renovation, ask yourself these ten questions prior to beginning.

  1. Why Do You Want to Remodel?

Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is your motivation for the remodel? Is it outdated? Were you forced into a remodel due to a leak? Do you just not like your current bathroom? What isn’t working? Setting aside aesthetics, are there things that just don’t work? Are you missing towel hooks? Is the countertop too low? Do you want a separate tub and shower? Really take some time to figure out why you are going down this path and what needs to change to make you love your bathroom.


  1. What Does Your Dream Bathroom Look Like?

So you know things need to change. Maybe you’re ready to say goodbye to the builder grade materials or maybe you need to step out of the 1970s. Whatever the case may be, this is the fun part. Dream. And dream big! No inspiration photo is too out of the question. Hop on Pinterest and start searching, “Bathrooms”. Don’t over think this step. If something, anything, about a bathroom catches your eye . . . pin it. If you stop to think, “Well why do I like this? Or “Hmm. I could never afford this,” you’ll sabotage your own design board. Don’t think! Just pin! Do this for as long as you like. Weeks or months. Once you have pinned beautiful bathrooms, you will start to see consistency. Are you drawn to a white, fresh look? Do you like a more traditional style? Do warm tones just make you happy. Is there tiling on the wall? Are the floors you are pinning light? Dark? {And if Pinterest isn’t your thing, tear out pages from magazines or search blogs. . . whatever is your comfort zone. I just find Pinterest to be quick and easy. And very inspiring}.


  1. Is It Worth The Investment?

This is where you need to draw out your inner real estate guru and crunch some numbers. Hop online {things are so much easier these days} and look at comps in your neighborhood. What are things selling for? What is the average price per square foot in your neighborhood? Do the math. What financial commitment do you have to the house already? What makes sense to put into the home? Does it make sense to gut the entire thing and spend $20,000 or more? Does it make sense to save the cabinets and the shower and do more cosmetic changes. Will you see the money back? Consider a prospective buyer walking through your home. What will they expect? Does a marble goddess bathroom fit in with the expectations of the neighborhood? All good things to consider.


  1. How Long Do You Plan to Stay?

This is a good follow up to the answers you come up with in question #3. While none of us have a crystal ball, what is your five year plan? Is it likely that you’ll be in the same home? I ask because if you are not living in your forever home, then the financial consideration is far more important. If this is your forever home, perhaps investing a large amount of cash makes sense for you. Are you fixing it up to move or to enjoy for a long time? Or somewhere in between. Be passionate about your home and remodel, but be smart about the investment.


  1. Do You Plan To Rent Out Your Home?

This is crucial. Is your current home ever destined to be a rental property? You know where I am going with this, right? If you are about to let another family into your home, you may want to reconsider the oh so gorgeous marble countertops. Do you want to worry about things getting ruined if you walk away for a bit? Are quartz countertops more in line with the staying power of a new gorgeous bathroom? Just think through your material choices if you plan on handing over your home.


  1. Where Do I Get The Most Bang For My Buck?

Set a realistic budget. Things cost more than you think they do. At least in our experience. Everyone wants to make a dollar goes as far as possible. If you are not gutting the bathroom, think of what makes the biggest impact. Flooring, countertops, and lighting can be life changing. Ok, bathroom changing! Things like hardware and fresh towels also make a big difference. Do your homework. You desire a new tiled shower? See how much those start at. A lot more goes into it than you think. If trying to keep costs down consider a finish like chrome. While I am in love with brass and dark hardware, too, a polished chrome adds shimmer and can reflect light well. It’s a solid choice especially in small bathroom.


  1. What Can I Do Myself?

While you may want to immediately say, “nothing!” don’t sell yourself short. Can you paint? Even painting yourself can save money. Are you handy? Can you install new lights or set the new toilet? If you are handy and can knock some things off of the contractor’s bid, you can save hundreds of dollars. {Do not attempt plumbing or electrical projects if you are not confident in your skills}. After looking at our current bid, I crossed off a few things my husband can do and the contractor rebid. She was happy to do so and we saved ourselves some money. That is especially nice when you go to buy toilets and faucets and are shocked at how much they cost. Just sayin’! Save where you can.


  1. What Materials Are Best For This Bathroom?

Really think this through. It’s ok if this takes you a while. Do you need to pay a designer just to go with you to the showroom to pick out samples. Their hourly fee may be worth it if you are indecisive and can’t create your own vision. So remember when you pinned all of those lovely photos. Here is where they start to come to life in your own home. Chances are one or two of those photos evoke emotion. Like, you love looking at them!!! What is it that you love? Is it the tile floor? Is is the marble countertop? Is it the brass fixtures? Try to recreate the look within your budget. And by recreate, I do not mean copy. If you like the look of marble, can you incorporate marble tile on your wall? As a backsplash? Can you set your flooring in a pattern that matches your inspiration? Like the look of brass? Maybe use it one place {hardware on cabinets or a light fixture}. Will the occupants of the bathroom be adults or children? Think of durability. As with any room, I tend to pick one non-negotiable item that I have to have and build the room around that. For us this time around, it’s our flooring. I fell in love with it and it has set the stage for the rest of our bathroom remodel. Anything I bring in needs to play well with it. And because I love it so much, I am great with using it a my guide. Find your guide. What is the one thing you must have?


  1. What Will Bring Me Joy?

How do you want this bathroom to make you feel? You want to love walking in to it each day, right? So while you need to be sure you are sticking to your budget and being financial responsible, don’t suck the life out of your space. Be flexible enough to see that how you feel in this new room is very important. I am a firm believer that our spaces directly effect how we feel. Keep your vision in mind. It’s easy to start letting go of the vision once the demolition begins. Hold firm to the big picture. I had an instance come up where I could have saved $600 by choosing one countertop over another. I even called my sister in Singapore to chat with her about it. $600 is a lot of money. In the end, it was one simple question she asked that lead me to my decision. She said, “If you choose the better deal, will you look at it each day and wish you had gone with the other one?” Yep. Yep I would. And to me, I would rather spend the $600 now than pay for it in regret later.


  1. Where Do I Begin After Answering These Questions?

If your are doing the work yourself, then you will need to be realistic about how much time tasks will take you. Try to set up a calendar just like contractors do. Demo one day. Prep the floor for tiling the next day, etc.. But speaking from experience, it’s a long process when you DIY a bathroom. And that’s ok. Just be prepared. What bathroom will you be using while this one is out of commission? On the flip side, when you use a contractor, be aware you need to make quick decisions. If they are installing your countertop, you better have the faucets you picked out ready and on hand. They will need to template for holes, etc. Communication is key. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Have the contractor tell you each day what to expect and ask what they need from you. Finding a contractor you like is key. And one that does great work. Do your homework. Ask around. Go look at finished projects. Even MORE important, stop by a current job site. Did they prep the house {cover the path to the bathroom with plastic, hang plastic, etc.}? Are they taking care as they work? These are important things to look at. Get more than one bid. Have two or three contractors come out to look at the project and give you a bid. You’ll need to choose not only the contractor you feel best about, but one that gives you a reasonable bid. Beware of choosing the lowest bid. There could be a reason their bid is quite low. Do they need work? Are they not busy because their work is poor? Perhaps, no. Just be smart about your process in selecting the right person for your job. And never underestimate the power of a gut feeling!

Top 100 Interior Design Bloggers for Smart Style Bathrooms

After having helped hundreds of people with their bathroom renovations, we understand that finding inspiration and design ideas for your renovation projects can sometimes be the hardest part.   That's why we did the leg work for you and scrutinized hundreds of interior design blogs until we were certain that we had compiled a list of the Top 100.   Whether you're looking for the newest trends, the best colour schemes, or great DIY ideas, these blogs will have what you're looking for.   We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!  

1. Julia - My House Design

www.myhousedesign.co.uk My House Design If you love interior design, then you'll adore the innovative insights provided at MyHouseDesign.co.uk. MyHouse design runs their website around the belief that anyone and everyone should be able to transform their house into the home of their dreams. The website includes plenty of useful advice and tips for people who want to DIY their space into something truly incredible. The MyHouse design blog is written by Julia, and it contains everything from must-buy items covering some of the latest trending accessories in the interior design space to fantastic guidance for building your own ideal property. Follow Julia on: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest  

2.Raluca Vaduva - Detail Movement

www.detailmovement.com Raluca Detail Movement is a home design website written and managed by the incredible Raluca Vaduva. This insightful woman has a Master's degree in Architecture, as well as a certification in the practice of Interior Design from the Inchbald School of Design, so you can rest assured that she knows what she's talking about! Raluca takes inspiration in her blogging from her insights into some of the greatest design minds in history. Since the Detail Movement website was founded in 2016, Raluca has searched for new and inventive ways to teach homeowners how to get the most out of their interior design, combining comfort with sophistication and one-of-a-kind elegance. Follow Raluca on: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest  

3. Marie-Claire Saunders - Beautiful Foundations

www.beautiful-foundations.com Beautiful Foundations is a website that comes from the mind of the enigmatic Marie-Clair Saunders. In 2014, she and her husband finished putting their perfect home together just in time for the arrival of their first child. Unfortunately, they accidentally destroyed all of their hard work when they left the water running in their rush to visit the emergency room! After having to start most of their work over from scratch, Marie and her husband decided to share some of their tips and experiences with the world. Marie-Claire's blog is a fantastic celebration of interior decorating love and warm home comforts. It's a sanctuary for anyone who wants to upgrade or completely recreate their home, based on the idea that any property should be a sanctuary for the people who live there. Follow Marie-Claire on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest  

4. Sara Cosgrove - SaraCosgrove.com


Sara Cosgrove

Sara hails from County Mayo, but in her search for design experience, she's travelled far and wind, from Trinity College in Dublin to the London KLC School of design. Building on her insights as the Head of Design at Harrods, in London, Sara Cosgrove has delivered various award-winning show apartments for her clients, including residential packages, marketing suites, and more. In 2014, Sara started her own design business, joining up with Starwood Capital/ Principal Hayley Group for help. During that time, she continued to grow and develop her eye for great design, and become recognized around the world for her contribution to the Financial Times, the Luxury Briefing & Sleep, and the Irish Times. On her blog, you'll find an expert insight into the world of design, focusing on functionality, beauty, and longevity. Follow Sara on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

5. Kate Hetherell - The Home Design School


Kate Hetherell

Kate Hetherell is the incredible mind behind the Home Design School, a website that helps people from all backgrounds to unlock the secrets of creating a truly beautiful home. Kate talks to her readers from a place of passion and understanding, as someone who has struggled in the world of design before, trying to bring her ideas to life. Despite her best efforts, Hetherell found herself making several mistakes over the years, and she created her blog to help people learn from her mishaps. Despite a couple of roadblocks along the way, Kate is now living in the home of her dreams, and she believes that she's cracked the secret to home design. With that in mind, she hopes to share all of the lessons she's learned throughout the years with her followers. Follow Kate on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

6. Amanda Cotton -House Lust

www.houselust.co.uk House Lust is the brainchild of Amanda Cotton, a fashion designer in London, with more than 15 years of experience in everything from trend prediction to manufacturing. Amanda set up her blog to share her passions with the world. In 2011, Amanda and her husband started a Victorian renovation project that allowed her to uncover her true love of interior design and her website aims to inspire people in both the commercial and residential worlds to achieve their visions. On the House Lust website, you'll find plenty of fantastic insights from Amanda, along with pictures and inspirational posts intended to help you find your muse for any property project. Follow Amanda on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

7. Laura - Feel Interieur

www.feelinterieur.com Laura is the fun and quirky designer behind "Feel Interieur". Only 27 years old, Laura lives in Vienna and created her website to share her love of interior design with anyone and everyone who cares to listen. On her blog, Laura shares insights into her experiences decorating her own apartment in 2014, as well as providing guidance for people who are still looking for their own muse when it comes to home furnishings, accessories, and more. If you're interested in the latest design trends, or you're simply looking for some helpful hints, you're sure to get some great hints from Laura as you get to know her unique sense of style. Follow Laura on: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook  

8. Maria - The Interior Editor

www.theinterioreditor.com The story behind the Interior Editor website is an inspiring one. Interior Designer Maria chose to launch her own website when problems with her health made it difficult for her to follow her dreams in a more traditional way. Just after her youngest son was born, Maria started her fight with M.E, making it incredibly difficult for her to continue working. "The Interior Editor" emerged as a way for Maria to not only share her skills with the digital world but also regain her happiness by talking about something that she truly felt passionate about. Maria has a BA degree, and now regularly updates her website with frequent, and helpful blog posts. Follow Maria on: Instagram, Twitter, , Facebook  

9. Sarah Mailer - Girl About House

www.girlabouthouse.com Passion and talent emerge by the bucket-load in "Girl About House", the blog and website maintained by Sarah Mailer. Located in London, Sarah offers a contemporary, yet elegant aesthetic into homes wherever she goes and adores sharing her love of beautiful things with the world. When she's not designing, Sarah spends her time on the town, browsing stunning hotels, galleries, and bars. Girl About House is an award-winning blog which earned the "Best Newcomer" title for the Amara Interior Blog Awards in 2017. Today, you can find countless tips and great advice from Sarah herself on the regularly-updated website. Follow Sarah on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest  

10. Anna Margaret - Camilla Pearl

www.camillapearl.co.uk Anna Margaret is the charming mind behind the Camilla Pearl website. Located in the Herefordshire Countryside, Anna named her blog after her other true love (besides design), family. The name comes from both her little girl, and her grandmother, and the blog itself provides readers with an insight into the comfortable, and heart-warming side of interior design. Anna is all about bright warm spaces and rooms with personality. She shares her best tips and tricks with the digital world on everything from how to decorate on a budget, to how you can make the most of the latest design trends. Follow Anna on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest  

11. Suzann Bozorgi - Room Lab

www.roomlab.co.uk Room Lab is a website designed to make interior design easier for everyone involved. The site is run by a collection of fantastic designers, who all believe that stunning design should be accessible to everyone, no matter what your budget or deadline might be. The founder of Room Lab, Suzann Bozorgi launched the website in 2015 to help her fellow designers find the inspiration and work opportunities that they need. With a background in advertising, and a strong passion for all things design, Suzann is the heart and soul behind Room Lab and the woman that makes the blog such a compelling read! Follow Suzann on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

12. Aarti Popat - Honestly Wonderful

www.honestlywonderful.com/ If you love all things beautiful then you're going to adore "Honestly Wonderful" a website designed and built by Aarti Popat, a young and insightful interior designer. Aarti is a stylist, lifestyle blogger, and designer known for her ability to create eclectic spaces, and innovative interiors with a limited budget. Honestly Wonderful is Aarti's passion, where she shares information about the latest interior design trends, as well as travel and culture, lifestyle, and more. Aarti's unique style and tone of voice are evident in everything she does on the Honestly Wonderful blog, which makes it easy for readers to see through her eyes. Follow Aarti on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

13. Sophie Howard - Sophie Howard Interiors

www.sophiehowardinteriors.co.uk Sophie Howard was born in Canada but raised in Hampshire, England, where she went to school to develop her understanding of art and design. On her website, Sophie shares some incredible information about the practice of "spiritual design", but she also has plenty of tips and tricks to offer homeowners who are simply looking for a little help with the creative side of life. In fact, there are guides for everything from sewing, to baking. Sophie earned her BA Hons in Interior Design from De Montfort University in Leicester in 2014, and she's currently working on her Master's degree - something she's sure to achieve very soon. Today, she hopes to help people around the world create spaces that speak to their spiritual side. Follow Sophie on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn  

14. Donna - Skirting Boards and Chandeliers

www.skirtingboardsandchandeliers.com Skirting Boards and Chandeliers is a blog and website maintained by the incredible Donna, who started her digital presence in 2017 to help share her passion for interiors with the world. Donna wanted to find a way to help the average homeowner improve their living spaces, and make the most of their creative side, with homes that truly express their style and personality. On the Skirting Boards and Chandeliers blog, you'll find insights from Donna as she works on renovating her own 1930s home, as well as tips, advice, and guidance for how you can create a home you love for a budget that suits you! Follow Donna on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

15. Eve Morgan - Eve Morgan Interiors

www.evemorganinteriors.com If you have an eye for modern and quirky interiors, then you'll love the Eve Morgan blog. This incredible website provides insights into the designs and advice of Eve Morgan, a 21-year-old design graduate from the University of Southampton. Eve updates her website with everything she learns in her courses, providing snapshots of her time working with Blendworth fabrics, Linden Homes, and the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton too. Eve recently designed a set for Grand Designs, and she is currently searching for her first job in the industry while sharing what she knows online. Follow Eve on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook  

16. Martina Prado - A Designer at Heart

www.adesigneratheart.com A designer at heart is the creative website developed by Martina Pardo, an Interior Architect with an Italian background, currently living in London. Martina believes she was born with a passion for design that she simply needs to share with the world. She studied both design and engineering to get a degree in either field before she learned that there was more to design than just good theory. Martina worked in the interior design sector for many years before developing her website. Now, she shares blogs and updates on a weekly basis, providing tips for clients who believe that functionality and fun should go hand-in-hand. Follow Martina on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

17. Clare - Wild Crimson

www.wildcrimson.com Clare is heart and imagination behind Wild Crimson, an interior design blog where you can find hints and tips on places to visit when you're looking for your design muse, as well as guides and insights from an expert in the design field. When Clare isn't blogging, you'll find her browsing car boot sales, enjoy some DIY, or simply browsing through incredible pictures on Instagram. The Wild Crimson website began in 2016, and it offers tips and guidance for those in search of DIY help, exploration tips, and of course, advice on how to create the perfect home. Follow Clare on: Instagram, Twitter  

18. Tash South - TashSouth

www.tashsouth.com A believer in the concept of fun, yet functional design, Tash South is a modern design enthusiast who hopes to show her readers how to make the most of their modern styling experiences. On her innovative website, Tash shares tips, and tricks on how to create home environments that improve the way you live, with simplicity and comfort. Tash originally comes from Cape Town, and currently lives in London with her four-year-old daughter and her husband. Her love of urban living is something you'll see stretched across the pages of her blog, where she offers guidance on how you can design a modern home from scratch even when you're dealing with the modern chaos of London living. Follow Tash on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

19. Fiona - Styleophile UK

www.styleophileuk.com Styleophile is a blog dedicated to beauty and luxury. Founder Fiona began her journey into interior design with a weekend job in Lucknam Park in Bath. From there, she was launched into a world of architecture and décor as she became familiar with some of the techniques of older, wiser designers. With her husband, Fiona has moved several times throughout a collection of homes, all the way from Victorian villas, to 5-story Georgian townhouses. At "Styleophile UK" Fiona shares all of the things she has learned about the interior design world over the years, as well as posting countless pictures from her own design experiences, and trending ideas she thinks her readers will appreciate. Follow Fiona on : Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

20. Natalie Holden - Natalie Holden ID

www.natalieholden-id.co.uk An interior designer located in the heart of Liverpool, Natalie Holden has an urban eye for beauty and creativity in homes and business properties. With her blog, Natalie shares everything from ramblings regarding her day-to-day life to everything you might need for some incredible interior inspiration. You'll find furniture must-have guides, along with insights into some of the challenges that most homeowners face when they're decorating for the first time. Natalie Holden's blog comes from the perspective of a 30-year-old eager to build the ideal home, while still exploring the world around her. You'll also find plenty of information on sustainable and eco-friendly designs. Follow Natalie on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

21. Chelsea - Oh So Mint

wwww.ohsomint.com/ Chelsea is the fun and flowery woman behind "Oh So Mint", an enlightening design website intended to give audiences from all backgrounds guidance and inspiration when it comes to making their homes look perfect. Chelsea is a 24-year-old who created her website in the hopes of finding a way to share her creative side with people on the internet, and practice her growing writing skills. Oh So Mint is still a relatively young blog, born in June 2016, but Chelsea has been keeping her loyal fans plied with news and information about interior styling for more than a year now, and she has no plans to stop any time soon. Follow Chelsea on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest  

22. Karen Barlow - Karen Barlow Stylist

www.karenbarlowstylist.co.uk Karen Barlow is an interior designer and a props stylist with a love of all things vintage. She loves nothing more than an opportunity to check out the beautiful things in an old junk shop, or discover gems at a local car boot sale. As an expert in all things Stylish, Karen created her website as an opportunity to share her passions with the world around her, in the form of stunning images and insightful blog posts. Karen provides her writers with a collection of fantastic tips and tricks for when they want to transform their home experience, regardless of whether you're looking for style inspiration, or you simply want a modern way to upgrade your property with some personalized DIY. Follow Karen on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest  

23. Kerry Hussain - Very Kerry H

www.verykerryh.com Experienced property and interior stylist, designer and colour expert, Kerry Hussain is a specialist in the residential world. A designer who followed her dream. She studied graphic design which helped her in her career. She specializes in residential work. She bought and renovated her property in 2015 and has helped designed and renovated other properties until today. Follow Kerry on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

24. Sarah Burghard - Sarah Burghard Designs

www.sarahburgharddesigns.co.uk An inspirational design professional with a long-standing record of happy customers, Sarah Burghard is a mastermind of all-things artistic, with passions that range all the way from home decoration, to digital printing and textiles. Over the years, Sarah has cultivated a commitment to creating stunning and thought-provoking images for her customers, inspired by Sarah's unique personality and enthusiasm. Sarah trained for years in the practice of Textile Design with the Central St Martins School in London, after she achieved distinctions in both a Fine Art HND and an Art & Design foundation certification. If you're looking for beauty, you'll find plenty of it on Sarah's one-of-a-kind blog. Follow Sarah on: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

25. Liz - The Wry Home

www.thewryhome.com Liz is the enigmatic woman behind "The Wry Home" a creative website devoted to helping people find their own unique sense of style. Liz was born in Ohio, and spent her childhood in Westchester New York, throughout the 1970s. After she expanded her horizons in college, Liz began her journey into marketing with a consultant career at Bain & Company. Over the years, Liz has learned a lot about how to maintain a stunning and unique home environment despite the constant upheaval of moving and redecoration. Today, she writes her blog in an effort to share some of tips and tricks she's discovered for making a house into a home as quickly as possible. Follow Liz on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

26. Robert - Design Trawler

www.designtrawler.com Design Trawler is a fun and fast-paced website written by design enthusiast and creative mastermind Robert. Created to provide modern readers with plenty of fun, engaging, and useful articles, Design Trawler was carefully structured to appeal to the appetite of the 20 to 30-year-old reader who's in the process of developing their first home, bachelor pad, or man cave. Robert created the Design Trawler website to make design interesting for anyone and anyone who chooses to interact with it. For Robert, it's all about taking interior design to a level where college graduates and single men can feel comfortable searching for inspiration on the perfect home. Follow on: Pinterest  

27. Pia Orr - Finnterior Designer

www.finnteriordesigner.com The witty Pia Orr is the creative mind between "Finnterior Designer" an interior design website that allows Pia to share her passion on all-things interior with readers from far and wide. Born in Finland and currently living in London, Pia started her blog with the aim to deliver useful inspiration and tips to people who are looking for unique ways to decorate and renovate their home. Pia showcases a unique combination of Scandinavian minimalism and modern-day glamor on her website, with plenty of pictures, tips, and guides to amaze her readers. Over the years, she's worked with huge brands like Sainsbury's, Laura Ashley, and more, which has helped to build her own unique sense of style. Follow Pia on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook  

28. Natalia - Fleur De Londres

www.fleurdelondres.com Natalia Jane is the stunning writer behind Fleur De Londres, a blog that's all about beauty, fashion, and beautiful interiors. Born in London, and inspired by the incredible architecture of the city, Natalia started blogging to share her thoughts about the images that inspired her on a daily basis, all the way from incredible interiors to delightful dresses. Natalia Jane has worked alongside brands from around the world, and today she shares her amazing experiences with a huge collection of followers from around the world. Whether you're checking out her Pinterest pictures, or following her on Instagram, you're sure to find plenty of sources of inspiration with Natalia. Follow Natalia on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

29. Athina & Amy - Topology London

www.topologylondon.co.uk During her time working for Kelly Hoppen in 2015, Athina had a unique opportunity to meet with countless customers and clients from around the world. She knew that people enjoyed the convenience and comfort of having a designer help them create their ideal home, but she also realized that most people found the cost of working with an expert completely unmanageable. With that idea in mind, Athina created "Topology London". Topology London is a design blog, and an insight into Athina's world, where she shares information about her latest projects and her astounding achievements. Working alongside her designer friend Amy, Athina has created a hub of culture and inspiration for those with an interest in all things beautiful. Follow Athina & Amy on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

30. Claire Price - My House Candy

www.myhousecandy.com Claire Price is the mother, wife, and writer behind the incredible blog "My House Candy". Claire believes that the perfect home should be packed full of beauty, style, and personality. That's why she uses her blog as a way of sharing the things that inspire her with her followers. From vintage treasures to designer gems, Claire provides insights into every decorative piece that catches her eye as she moves through life as a design enthusiast. For Claire, the perfect home is one that's fun, exciting, and contemporary. She believes that home design can be just as sexy and enthralling as you want it to be and that today's decorators shouldn't spend too much time taking themselves seriously. Follow Claire on: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

31. Silvy - I Love Beautiful Things

www.ilovebeautifulthings.co Silvy is the passionate soul behind "I Love Beautiful Things" a design-addict website devoted to sharing guidance and help on everything from how you can decorate your home, to where you can find the best sources of inspiration for an upcoming project. Silvy is a professional architect currently living in North London with her partner. Though her background begins in architecture, Silvy also has a love for the world of photography and interior design too, and she shares all of her passions with her followers through her regularly-updated blog posts. Follow Silvy on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest  

32. Fiona Cameron - Around the Houses

www.aroundthehouses.com A website built on beautiful images and personal creativity, Around the Houses, is the perfect source of inspiration for anyone in search of a muse for their next interior project. Created by Fiona Cameron, Around the Houses is a hub of ideas intended to help modern homeowners overcome the challenge of indecision, and making confident choices about how to transform their property. Fiona currently lives in Edinburgh with her husband Mark, and her two sons. She isn't trained in interior design, nor does she have any professional background in the industry, but she does have plenty of character which she brings to each of her useful and insightful blog posts. Follow Fiona on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

33. Marilen Montenegro - Marilen Styles

www.marilenstyles.com Marilen is the mother and interior stylist behind "Marilen Styles". She used to be both a television host and a full-time model, but today she spends her time sharing interesting ideas and interior design tips with followers from around the world. She believes that everyone should have the power to create the space of their dreams, although accomplishing your interior goals can sometimes take a little bit of time and patience. On Marilen's blog, you'll find plenty of useful guidance, practical ways to make your home more stunning, and countless pictures to inspire you to action. Follow Marilen on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

34. Ally Maloney - Maloney Interiors

www.maloneyinteriors.com Ally Maloney is the professional mind behind Maloney Interiors, a website designed to showcase not only her personal work as a design expert but also her best tips and tricks for how to get the most out of your home. Maloney Interiors is an award-winning website that delivers advice and guidance to property owners who need a little help bringing their decorative dreams to life. Ally Maloney began her website with the intention to create home designs that allow her to cultivate ideas that are completely unique to the needs of her clients. The blog contains everything you need to know about making the most of Rhode Island, transforming your home for spring, and the best colors to decorate your home with. Follow Ally on: LinkedIn, Facebook  

35. Suzanne Deller - And Ruby Makes Four

www.andrubymakesfour.com And Ruby Makes Four is a design inspiration website and blog that follows the journey of Suzanne Deller, a design enthusiast trying to create the perfect home on a budget. Suzanne tells the tale of how she bought her first home after years of saving with her husband, and begun to redecorate from scratch, all the way from top to bottom - embracing countless opportunities to add their own sense of personality to the property. Through her blog, Suzanne showcases all of the unique ways that she's transformed her own property while providing plenty of helpful guidance and advice for if you're embarking on your very own design journey. Follow Suzanne on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest  

36. Vicky Harrison - Style Made Simple

www.stylemadesimple.co.uk If you're on the search for a website that provides all the tips and tricks you need to know to make your new property your own, then you'll love "Style Made Simple" the website by Vicky Harrison. As an interior writer, stylist, and editor, Vicky has cultivated her love of all things design into a website that's packed full of advice for everything from DIY and craft, to finding your very own vintage furniture. "Style Made Simple" has delivered more than ten years of expertise from the unique point of view of Vicky Harrison, who has been lucky enough to interview incredible people like Liz Hurley, Jamie Oliver, and even Gordon Ramsey on the path to her success. Follow Vicky on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

37. Linda - Make Do and DIY

www.makedoanddiy.com Linda is the energetic and insightful voice behind "Make Do and DIY". A 33-year-old married mother living in Ireland with her husband and three kids, Emilia uses her blog as a perfect opportunity to share everything she knows about interior design, craft, and DIY with the world. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Media, and she started her blog as a creative outlet and a way to share her true passions with the world. On "Make Do and DIY" you'll find everything from inspirational images, to stories about Linda's day-to-day life, and tips on how you can create your own perfect home with nothing more than a little bit of creativity! Follow Linda on: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook  

38. Rachael Colton - Roco Mag

www.rocomag.com Roco Mag is a go-to source of design and interior inspiration for people who need a little help finding and creating their perfect home. Intended to be a hub of interesting and useful guidance for stylish modern living, ROCO is packed full of fantastic content intended to help you get the most out of any property. The editor in chief behind Roco Mag, Rachael Colton, believes that people truly can find beauty anywhere if they're only willing to look. She finds stunning examples of interior creation to share with her followers on a regular basis through frequently updated blogs, pictures, and videos. Follow Rachael on: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

39. Vickie - The Carpenter's Daughter

www.thecarpentersdaughter.co.uk Vickie is a fun and inspirational carpenter's daughter who decided to create her own website as a way of sharing the tips and advice she'd collected from her dad over the years. On "The Carpenters Daughter" you'll find videos and guides that could help you to tackle your very own DIY projects as you go about developing the perfect family home. Vickie and her partner decided that instead of taking out a huge mortgage, they would buy the cheapest house they could find in a nice area, with the hope of transforming their property into their own private haven. On "The Carpenter's Daughter" you can follow along with Vickie's journey. Follow Vickie on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

40. Emilie - Stella and The Stars

www.stellaandthestars.net Emilie is a self-professed shopping addict and a lover of all things interior. She developed "Stella and the Stars" in 2015 after retraining to become an interior stylist, and decided to use her website as a way of sharing fantastic images, videos, and guides to help people create the perfect home from scratch. Stella and the Stars is named after Emilie's daughter Stella, and it's packed full of fantastic advice on how to make just about any property feel like home. Emilie shares tips, advice, and insights into her own experience creating a new home in Dubai. Follow Emilie on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

41. Mairi Helena - Mairi Helena

www.mairihelena.co.uk A Scottish designer with a love of creating soft furnishings and patterned prints, Mairi Helena is the mind behind MairiHelena.co.uk, an innovative blog, and website where you can find everything from the latest releases from the budding designer, to tips and advice on an enigmatic and personality-filled blog. Mairi is a passionate designer with a love of color and originality. She uses her blog as a way of sharing her inspirations and insights with people who adore luxury just as much as she does. If you're looking for a way to spruce up your home with some indulgent style, then this could be the perfect blog for you. Follow Mairi on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

42. Natalia Barbour - Natalia Barbour Interior Design Ltd

www.nataliabarbour.co.uk Natalia Barbour is the mind behind Natalia Barbour Interior Design Ltd. She loves to create things using her hands. She founded the company in 2008 which practices luxurious and liveable interior design. Natalie grew up is Russia and immersed in the richness of culture and grandeur of architecture from a young age. She studied design school at KLC which heightened her understanding of style and great knowledge of design. Follow Natalia on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

43. Liz - Elizabeth Danon Interior Therapy

www.elizabethdanon.co.uk Elizabeth Danon created "EDIT", or "Elizabeth Danon Interior Therapy" as a way to share her unique ideas about design with the world. EDIT emerged from Liz's passion for helping people to create and cultivate their dream spaces. After studying interior architecture at Brighton University, Liz has worked on countless projects, all the way from hospital birthing rooms, to residential homes. Liz published her website as a way of helping people to see design from an entirely new perspective. She believes that the environment we surround ourselves with each day can have a huge impact on our physical, and mental health, and writes blogs to assist homeowners in finding their happiness. Follow Liz on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

44. Karen Wolf - KBW Interiors

www.kbwinteriors.com Karen B Wolf is the exciting and passionate mind behind KBW Interiors, and the soul that brings energy to everything posted on this incredible design blog. She's constantly updating her online presence with new resources, ideas, and fresh perspectives on design intended to help her readers get the most out of their renovation and decoration projects. Karen has had a long, and successful career in the design industry, and she's developed something of a knack for predicting upcoming trends in the interior design world. As a formally educated fine artist, and a marketing degree to boot, Karen offers a unique perspective into the beauty of modern spaces. Follow Karen on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

45. Kate Young - Kate Young Design

www.kateyoungdesign.com Kate Young is the award-winning interior stylist, blogger, mum, and photographer responsible for the "Kate Young Design" blog. Though she was born in France, she fell in love with the architecture of London during her gap year and decided to stay for as long as she could. Though Kate studied psychology in University, her true love is interior design and the beauty that can be created within a person's home. On the Kate Young Design website, you'll find guidelines on how to decorate your home, tips for creating your perfect spaces from scratch, and advice on how to cultivate the perfect Boho monochrome vibe. Follow Kate on: Instagram  

46. Amy - Girl about Tech

www.girlabouttech.com Published in 2011, Girl about Tech is a lifestyle blog written by Amy Cutmore, a technology lover, and a passionate designer. Amy's created her website in an attempt to help homeowners choose the best possible products to have within their home - from must-have gadgets to the perfect smartphone. Amy is also responsible for the "Ideal Home" magazine, where she provides her readers with new and updated advice on all things "tech" on a month to month basis. With such a wide range of insights to share, Amy is a great source for information on everything from gardening to design and decoration. Follow Amy on: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

47. Ivelisse de Leon - Ivy De Leon

www.ivydeleon.com A blogger, and interior decorator, Ivy is a woman who has pursued her love of design all throughout life. Her father owned his own thrift store in New York, which introduced Ivy to the beauty of vintage items and antiques - something that helped her to develop her own unique aesthetic style over the years. Ivy uses her website to share information on how you can design and transform everything from a primary home to a guest house. She believes in creating fun and functional spaces that are packed full of personality for her clients, which is one of the reasons why she has developed such a powerful reputation in the world of interior design. Follow Ivy on: Instagram  

48. Emily Osmond - Get in My Home

www.getinmyhome.com Emily Osmond is the innovative founder and editor of "Get in My Home" an Australian interiors blog designed to motivate and inspire modern homeowners. Emily's love of design began at a very early age when she was constantly drawing up new designs for her bedroom at home. When Emily was studying for her Master of Communication at RMIT, she began to learn about the possibilities of website building and blogging for the first time. With "Get in My Home" she was able to explore the digital world for the first time while sharing some of her unique insights about design and decorating. Follow Emily on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

49. Arianne - Inspired to Style

www.inspiredtostyle.com Arianne Bellizaire is a Baton-rouge based design extraordinaire dedicated to sharing the latest decorating tips and insights with her loyal followers. Today, Arianne is considered a "style educator" as she reports on the latest trends in the interior design world and offers exclusive insights into her up and coming design projects. Arianne is one of nine industry experts named in the "2015 High Point Market Authority Style Spotters", and along with her budding design business, she's also a public speaker, an author, and a regular blogger too, with published work on everything from About.com, to GoodHouseKeeping. Follow Arianne on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

50. Maren Grablomst - Villa Betula

www.villabetula.com Maren Grablomst believes that interior design should be inspired and driven by a sense of passion and personality. Everything she invests in, from her basic to her incredible blog, is both stunning and mysterious, intended to capture the eye and inspire the mind. On her blog, Maren offers insights into her own personal sense of style, along with pictures and tips that are intended to give power to those who are either decorating their own property or looking for their very first design muse. Maren takes a one-of-a-kind approach to blogging that makes her difficult to forget. Follow Maren on: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook  

51. Ruth - Gather and Cheer

www.gatheredcheer.com Gather and Cheer is the brainchild of Ruth Garner, a writer and interior design lover who believes that everyone could be a little better off if they simply found a way to bring more joy into their lives. Ruth is both a social media consultant and a freelance writer living in London, and on her blog, she provides everything from snapshots into her life, to useful tips and guidance for her followers to use when decorating happy homes. Ruth's happy-go-lucky attitude shines in everything she posts on her website, from her brightly-colored pictures to her insightful blogs. Whether you need DIY tips or a little inspiration, Ruth can help. Follow Ruth on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

52. Lisa Dawson - Lisa Dawson Styling

www.lisadawsonstyling.com Lisa Dawson started her own blog to share her experiences with homeowners and property-buyers to be around the world when she and her family sold her family home and moved into their dream house in York. As someone who has moved nine times within 14 years, Lisa is something of an expert when it comes to decorating your home in a hurry! Her background in fashion retail gives Lisa a unique eye when it comes to creating spaces that are filled with personality and vigor. With the help of her friend Dee Campling, Lisa also presents workshops for interior design all across the UK. Follow Lisa on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

53. Kiran Singh - My Unique Home

www.myuniquehome.co.uk If you're looking for advice on how to create the perfect home from scratch, then you could get just the guidance you need from Kiran Singh, the mind behind "My Unique Home". Kiran is a single mum and an award-winning entrepreneur. She uses her insights into the world of life and business on her blog to provide homeowners with the insights they need to design the lives that they want most. On Kiran's website, you'll find guidance on everything from interior design to entrepreneurship, food, and more. There's also a fantastic "Inspiration" page, perfect for when you're searching for something to spark your next DIY project. Follow Kiran on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

54. Julie Lancia and Jodie Kammerer - The Design Twins

www.thedesigntwins.com Design perspectives from the minds of identical twins, "The Design Twins" is the digital home to Julie Lancia, and Jodie Kammerer, sisters who love to share their passion for design with others. To help their followers live happier, more balanced lives, the Design Twins not only share guidance on how to decorate and enhance your home, but also on how to be a better hostess, how to design the perfect decorations and more. On "The Design Twins" website, you'll find guides on craft projects that you can engage in either with your family or on your own, as well as plenty of inspiration for when you're struggling to find your interior muse. Follow Julie and Jodie on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

55. Kenn Gray - Kenn Gray Home

www.kenngrayhome.com If you're looking for a modern and contemporary approach to interior design, then you should find all the inspiration you need at "Kenn Gray Home", a design blog written and maintained by Kenn Gray, a model, artist, and full-time design lover. Kenn takes his inspiration for design from the world around him, and has appeared in various interior design programs, including "This Amazing House". Over the years, Kenn has won a range of awards in the design world, including "Best of Houzz", and he loves sharing his insights with his loyal community both on social media, and through his active blog. Follow Kenn on: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

56. Catherine - Dainty Dress Diaries

www.daintydressdiaries.com If your idea of the ideal interior design style is more pretty and pink than contemporary and chic, then you'll love the insights of Catherine, the mind behind "Dainty Dress Diaries". Catherine launched her blog as a way of sharing her passion for all things shabby chic and vintage with the world. She provides everything from DIY tutorials, to fashion posts, and home accessory inspiration to people across the globe. Catherine has had the opportunity to work with plenty of fantastic brands over the years as knowledge about her little blog began to grow. Today, she has one of the most popular design websites on the internet, perfect for those with a floral sense of style. Follow Catherine on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

57. Jen Stanbrook - Love Chic Living

www.lovechicliving.co.uk Love Chic Living is the fabulous and award-winning home interiors blog written by Jen Stanbrook, a woman with an incredible mind, and an insatiable interest in the world of home décor, accessories, and interior design. Today, Jen is a full-time blogger, presenter, and writer who works with numerous brands on exciting projects. When she's not working hard on marketing opportunities for other companies, Jen loves spending her time sharing new and improved interior design ideas with her readers around the globe. She's worked with everyone from Houseology, to DFS, and B&Q! Follow Jen on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest  

58. Hester Van Overbeek - Hesters Handmade Home

www.hestershandmadehome.com A Dutch design-lover living on the English South-East Coast, Hester Van Overbeek uses her unique blog to share information about DIY projects, interior design overhauls, and craft. She posts regular tutorials on her YouTube channel, to help her followers transform their personal spaces with one-of-a-kind projects intended to showcase their unique sense of style. Hester believes that you don't need to have in-depth skills or a lot of money to create a stylish home, all you need is a little dedication and the right motivation. Follow Hester on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube  

59. Lins - Boo and Maddie


Boo and Maddie is a website built by Lins, and her husband Pete. These two design-lovers launched their website as a way of sharing their journey to create an incredible new home together in their 4-bedroom, 1930s semi-detached property. They began their blog when they realized that their new house was going to need a lot of love and hard work to become the property they'd always dreamed of and decided that other people might be able to benefit from the lessons they learn along the way. When Lin isn't working on her house, she's usually exploring London, cooking, running, or reading. Her website is packed full of insightful posts, funny messages, and inspiring images. Follow Boo and Maddie on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

60. Lynne: A Day in the Life of a Mum of 6

www.adayinthelifeofamumof6.com Lynne is the multi-award nominated lifestyle blogger responsible for "A Day in the Life of a Mum of 6". On her fantastic website, she shares beauty, fashion, and design inspiration intended to help people living a hectic lifestyle transform their sense of wellbeing. The website is full of positive vibes and great ideas for when you're looking for ways to bring a little more balance back into a family home. Lynne talks about parenting ideas, what it feels like to live in a home full of teenagers and babies, and how you can create the interior of your dreams, even when you're cleaning up after a handful of kids. Follow Lynne on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube  

61. Emma - Emma Jane Palin

www.emmajanepalin.com A lifestyle blogger, creative mind, and inspirational design lover living in London, Emma has plenty of useful insights to share with homeowners who want ideas on how they can transform their property into the place of their dreams. With a background in graphic design and illustration, Emma brings a unique and dynamic perspective to the world of interior design, perfect for those who love color and bold ideas. On her blog, Emma shares tips and tricks on how to get the most out of almost any home, along with plenty of pictures that are sure to inspire you when you're looking for a new design muse. Follow Emma on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

62. Lotte - Yes Please Blog

www.yespleaseblog.co Lotte, the mind behind the "Yes Please" blog, has always had a huge passion for interior design and the art of homemaking. She began her blog in 2015 as nothing more than an outlet for her home renovation ideas and her cooking projects. Since then, the website has grown into a huge part of Lotte's life and the perfect source of inspiration for many homeowners who want to find unique and budget-friendly ways to transform their home. Whether you're renovating a new property, or you're designing your perfect home from scratch, Lotte provides plenty of great insights, and she's been featured in everything from Good Living, to Good Housekeeping, and Country & Town House.  

63. Linda Merill - Linda Merill

www.lindamerrill.com A passionate and award-winning interior designer, Linda Merill shares hare passion for creating stunning home spaces on her website and blog, a place where you can discover tips on how to take advantage of the latest decorative trends, as well as insights into Linda's life as a professional design guru. Linda received her certificate in the Decorative Arts from Boston Architectural College in 2002, and soon after, she began her own firm. During 2010, she was awarded the IFDA Design Showcase award for the Best Living Space, thanks to her work on the Back-Bay Penthouse Project. Follow Linda on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

64. Kerry Lockwood - Kerry Lockwood in Detail

www.kerrylockwoodindetail.co.uk   Kerry Lockwood is the event producer, product stylist, and interior decorator that's responsible for the amazing "Kerry Lockwood in Detail" website. From her innovative blog, Kerry provides her readers with some unique ideas on how to make the most of your time at home, with everything from creative craft projects, to DIY solutions that can help you embed your sense of personality into any space. Kerry's website doesn't just provide tips for those who need help bringing their decoration ideas to life, but it also provides plenty of inspirational photos too - great for when you need a little help choosing the space of your dreams. Follow Kerry on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest  

65. Suzie McAdam - Suzie McAdam.com

www.suziemcadam.com A professional designer with an eye for modern beauty, Suzi McAdam spends her time developing incredible rooms and spaces for clients around the world. In her youth, Suzie earned her honors degree in Interior Design at the Dublin Institute of Technology during 2010. After that, she left Ireland to chase her passions in California, working for an Alto-based design studio. When she returned to Dublin, Suzie established her own design studio, and launched her blog as a way of sharing inspiration and guidance with design enthusiasts across the globe. Her images, useful insights, and incredible guides are sure to blow you away. Follow Suzie on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

66. April Russell - April Russel.com

www.aprilrussell.com April Russel created her website to share her love of beautiful, one-of-a-kind interiors with people all around the world. Over the years, April has built and perfected her reputation as an artistic mastermind, following professional training at the Inchbald school of Design in London. April believes in a personal, and contemporary approach to design - something that can be seen clearly on her website. April discovered her true talent when working at Sotheby's, where she decided that she had to follow her dreams in interior design. Now, with more than 20 years of experience to share, April loves keeping her fans updated with inspirational images, innovative blogs, and fantastic social media posts. Follow April on: Pinterest, Facebook  

67. Bonita - Mamas V.I.B

www.mamasvib.com Bonita is a fashion enthusiast and design expert who has worked within the fashion industry for the last 17 years. She believes that her insights into the world of fashion gives her an incredible perspective on all things beautiful, and with her website "Mama's V.I.B" she aims to share her inspirations and insights with people from across the globe. Whether you're looking to embrace your style again after becoming a mother, or you simply want some advice on how to make your living space work for you, Bonita has plenty of great information to offer. Follow Bonita on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

68. Charlotte - The Home that Made Me

www.thehomethatmademe.com Living in the south coast of England with her son, her daughter, and her devoted husband, Charlotte shares her interior design advice and inspirations with people around the world from her self-managed blog, "The Home that Made Me". Charlotte has more than 90,000 followers on Instagram, who love her fantastic shabby chic décor upcycles, tutorials, and DIY makeover guides. On her website, Charlotte offers information about bargain finds for your home, alongside plenty of tips and advice for how to make your home into something seriously special with everything from DIY crafts, to renovation. Follow Charlotte on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook  

69. Nora Murphy - NoraMurphyCountryHouse

www.noramurphycountryhouse.com Nora Murphy is an avid collector, gardener, and hostess as well as an experienced interior designer. From her "Nora Murphy Country House" blog, she shares her insights and inspirations into the world of design and decoration, perfect for anyone who's looking for a muse to help them get back on track with their home. After decades of experience in the furniture industry, Nora launched her own business in 2011, along with her brand-new website where she shared all the latest lessons she had learned about interior design. She studied at the Fashion Institute in New York City, and continues to search for new and improved ways to expand her knowledge today. Follow Nora on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

70. Fifi -: Fifi McGee

www.fifimcgee.co.uk Fifi is the decoration-obsessed writer behind the Fifi McGee blog. As a lover of all-things rustic and chic, Fifi adores sharing her ideas on interior design with the world, which include plenty of tips and tricks on how to make any property feel instantly homelier. Fifi lives in a home in Brighton with her wedding photographer husband, and on her blog, she shares insights into the work that the couple are doing to transform their home into the perfect place to live. When Fifi isn't sharing incredible images and guides on her décor blog, she's running a styling and photography business with her partner. Follow Fifi on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

71. Linda Holt - Linda Holt Interiors

www.lindaholtinteriors.com With years of experience as a professional photographer, Linda Holt brings her own unique experience and insights to her blog "Linda Holt Interiors". As no stranger to creative and aesthetic appeal, Linda has worked with more than 3,000 models, actors, and celebrities as one of the most well-renowned photographers in Boston. Today, Linda uses her visual know-how to create interior spaces that reflect her adoration of patterns, color and art. She works with plenty of high-end residential clients to help them find their own sense of style, while sharing her tips and advice through her frequently-updated blog. Follow Linda on: Instagram  

72. Zoe - My Interior Stylist

www.myinteriorstylist.com My Interior Stylist is a successful, and inspirational styling blog imagined and developed by styling consultant Zoe Brewer. Zoe brings a unique perspective to her blog, where she shares guidance on everything from interior décor, to conventional styling skills. Not only can Zoe help you to find the best home decorative solutions for your budget, but she can also give you the power you need to find a space that really speaks to you. If you're looking for a way to spruce up your home, Zoe can almost definitely help. She's regularly appeared on various shows as a design expert, such as "Grand Design Live" as well as the "Ideal Home" show. Follow Zoe on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

73. Kate Beavis - Kate Beavis.com

www.katebeavis.com A designer who believes in the magic of blending modern and traditional aesthetics, Kate Beavis started out in the design world as an enthusiastic collector, buying vintage dresses as a teenager and teaming them up with modern ideas. In her twenties, Kate began to switch her attention to style in interior spaces, and now she's devoted to sharing her inspirations with the world. Follow Kate on: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook  

74. Gillian - Tales from a Happy House

www.talesfromahappyhouse.com "Tales from a happy house" is the personal blog of Gillian, a lover of beautiful things and great design. Gillian uses her own personal space on the web to record inspirations for her own interior décor ideas, and share the things that matter most to her with her readers. On "Tales from a Happy House" you'll find tips and tricks for everything from DIY, to cooking and gardening. Gillan spent fourteen years living in Leeds before she moved with her family to the South Coast of England, where she's now starting to decorate her brand-new home.  

75. Serena Scuder - Cappello A Bombetta

www.cappelloabombetta.com Serena Scuderi is the romantic and quirky mind behind "Capello A Bombetta" a blog and website dedicated to all things design. Serena is a lover of hats, television, science fiction and interior spaces, and she loves sharing her unique perspectives with her followers both on social media, and her own site. Through Serena's website, you'll discover information on everything that inspires her, including cinema, and pop culture. If you're looking for inspiration for your next design project, you need some image-based stimulation to get your creative juices flowing, or you need some help with DIY, Serena might be just the girl to help. Follow Serena on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

76. Ruthie - Design Soda

www.designsoda.co.uk An expert in creativity on a budget, Ruthie is the writer behind "Design Soda" the charming and quirky blog all about finding your own personal sense of style. Ruthie moved into her flat in London in 2013, and saw her limited budget as an opportunity to show off her creative side. Today, she uses her website as a way of sharing low-cost ideas for how you can turn flea-market finds into incredible decorations for your home. Ruthie's blog is packed full of information on DIY, design, interior, and style - you'll even find plenty of pictures to help launch your imagination when you're struggling to find inspiration for your next big project. Follow Ruthie on: Instagram  

77. Jenny Kakoudakis - Seasons in Color


From her home in London, Jenny Kakoudakis is the inspiration mind behind "Seasons in Colour". This unique website was launched in 2015 in an effort to deliver inspiration to people who love interior design. The blog was awarded "Best Color Inspiration Blog" in 2016 by the Amara Interior Blog awards, and it's currently one of the most popular sites out there. With Jenny, you'll learn everything you need to know about how to style and upgrade your home with some of the trendiest products, materials, and colors on the market. There's also plenty of guest posts from design masterminds too! Follow Jenny on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

78. Lucy - Lucy Loves Ya

www.lucylovesya.com At the heart of the charming "Lucy Loves Ya" blog, is Lucy, a fantastically creative mind who loves to share information about her latest design projects, unique decoration ideas, and interviews with some of the most inspirational minds and artists in the interior world. Lucy loves sewing, designing, and writing in her free time, and her life growing up around costumes and theatre has given her a unique insight into how you can make your house your own with something truly incredible. For tips, tricks, and plenty of great info you can't get anywhere else, Lucy is well worth your time and attention. Follow Lucy on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

79. Jessica Zoob - Jessica Zoob.com

www.jessicazoob.com Acclaimed artist and designer Jessica Zoob shares her insights into the interior design world from her incredible website "JessicaZoob.com". If you're looking for guidance from an artist who has earned popularity and recognition around the globe, then Jessica could offer just the inspiration you need. On her website, she offers advice on where to find inspiration, and sells pictures that can help you to transform your living space. Jessica believes that the right artwork can help to tie any room together, and on her website, she'll provide you with a full range of fantastic images to browse through, along with plenty of fantastic posts about art. Follow Jessica on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr  

80. Sarah Lou - LapinBlu

www.lapinblu.com Sarah Lou is the storyteller and visual mastermind behind "LapinBlu", a lifestyle website that's designed to bring inspiration and beauty to those curious about the world of design. Lapin Blu provides stories and insights from all edges of the creative world, including messages about travel, family, lifestyle, and adventure. What began as an outlet for Sarah quickly emerged into so much more as she discovered just how powerful her blog could be. Sarah believes in the importance of owning your own style and discovering your own adventures. On her website, you'll get a fantastic look at the design world, along with a chance to get to know Sarah better too. Follow Sarah on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

81. Lauretta -Home and Horizon

www.homeandhorizon.com Lauretta is the fantastic travel journalist and blogger that runs "Home and Horizon", a website committed to helping people find their own unique sense of style regardless of whether they're travelling the world or building the perfect home. Lauretta offers her readers an insight into what they can do to build a stunning property on a budget, with new and trending accessories from around the world. Lauretta also has her own very popular vlog, where she gives behind-the-scenes reviews of some of the best home décor solutions, along with recent shopping hauls and run-downs of some incredible events! Follow Lauretta on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

82. Leslie Wood - Hadley Court

www.hadleycourt.com Leslie Wood launched her website "Hadley Court" as a hub of creative ideas and inspiration for anyone interested in the world of interior design. Leslie shares a fantastic story about learning decorating tips from her mother as she grew up, discovering everything she needed to know about decorating, traveling, and organizing. Through her website, Leslie provides guidance to readers around the globe on everything from decorating your home from scratch to finding a style that really speaks to your personality - even when you're going through a difficult transition. Follow Leslie on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

83. Alina Ghost - Fairytale Pretty Picture

www.fairytaleprettypicture.co.uk Alina Ghost is the part-time blog enthusiast behind "Fairytale Pretty Picture" a fun and interesting website packed full of great information for those who want to take their home design experience to the next level. Alina shares her simple yet stylish approach to interior décor through pictures, guides, and tips on her now award-winning website, and she recently began to experiment more with patterns, and colour. Alina is a fan of upcycling, and DIY, so you can also expect plenty of advice on how to craft your perfect home too. Follow Alina on: YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

84. Amie Freling-Brown - Meme Hill

www.memehill.com If you're looking for an insight into interior design that blends whimsical style with tradition, then you'll love what Amie Freling Brown has to offer. Her history as an artist and designer gives her a fantastically unique perspective to share with the world as she introduces new and improved opportunities for interior design and décor with the world. Her pages are packed full of pattern, colour, and excitement. Amie's work has been featured in numerous locations, including in national magazines and on HGTV. She loves leaving her clients and fans excited with new ideas and inspiration through her pictures, guides, and blog posts. Follow Amie on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

85. Cassie - Cassie Fairy

www.cassiefairy.com Cassie is a full-time magazine writer and blogger who loves working hand-in-hand with brands and charities when she's not sharing her design advice on her personal blog and website "Cassie Fairy". Cassie's website is devoted to fantastic ways to spruce up your home and life with a little bit of creative inspiration. Whether you're looking for DIY guides or sewing tutorials, Cassie is here to help. On "Cassie Fairy", which is was awarded the best home and interiors blog award in 2017, readers can even find budget-friendly ways to boost the appearance of their home with some of the simplest DIY makeovers around - perfect for almost any family. Follow Cassie on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

86. Heather - Growing Spaces

www.growingspaces.net Heather is the passionate interior's journalist responsible for "Growing Spaces", a website she started in 2011 when she moved to Berkshire with her husband and children out of London. Heather's blog started as a way for her to share her journey of turning a 1970s house into a family home with the world, but now it's a location where she can share everything from decorating tips, to DIY and craft tutorials. Heather's blog is particularly useful for those in search of crafty solutions that are quick, budget-friendly, and easy to achieve for almost anyone. If you need a way to transform your home that isn't going to break the bank, Heather could be just the girl you've been searching for. Follow Heather on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

87. Gina Ciancio - Style Curator

www.stylecurator.com.au Style Curator is an interior decoration and design website launched in Australia by Gina Cianco. The blog is a hub of fantastic information and knowledge intended to help people from any background create the home of their dreams on a budget that suits their needs. Gina provides everything from tips and advice, to regular inspiration for decorators in the form of stunning pictures. If you love design news, you can stay up to date on the latest trends with Style Curator, and you can even follow along with Gina's journey as she searches for the best way to create her own perfect home. Follow Gina on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

88. Becky Freeman - Spirited Puddle Jumper

www.spiritedpuddlejumper.com Becky is the charming writer behind "Spirited Puddle Jumper" a fantastic lifestyle and design blog. Becky currently lives in the South-Eastern side of London with her husband, and her three children. She's a digital marketing expert, a travel and interiors enthusiast, and a coffee connoisseur. When Becky began her blog, she did so to make it easier for her to record her life, and share her experiences with the world. However, the love she felt for renovating her family home encouraged her to start sharing tips and advice with other people looking for unique ways to make their property into something truly special. Follow Becky on: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

89. Kia Stanford - Kia Designs

www.kiadesigns.co.uk Kia Stanford is the colorful and quirky head interior designer at "Kia Designs" On her website, she shares information about her self-run business, which offers comprehensive consultancy on design and decoration for clients around the world. With the help of young Alex Reichardt, Kia loves sharing tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your home with luxurious design solutions. If you like contemporary style and bright colors, or you're simply looking for inspiration for your upcoming design project, you should be able to find a world of ideas on the Kia Designs blog. Follow Kia on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

90. Emily - The Pink House

www.pinkhouse.co.uk Emily is the editor and founder of the Pink House, and the mother of two little boys. She lives with her husband in London, where they work together on creating the perfect home in their Edwardian property with a pink front door. Once, Emily spent her time working as a lifestyle journalist for glossy magazines. Now, she prefers a simpler, and more laid-back lifestyle, sharing tips and tricks on how to create your perfect home from scratch, no matter where you live or what your budget might be. If you're the kind of person who loves all things fabulous in your home, then you'll appreciate the insights of the Pink House blog. Follow Emily on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

91. Alessandra Barlassina - Gucki

www.gucki.it Alessandra is the fun and enthusiastic writer responsible for Gucki, an inspirational lifestyle blog intended to bring a muse to those in search of their own personal sense of style. Alessandra has a bachelor degree in the history of art, as well as a post-graduate degree in interior design, and she considers home transformation to be one of her biggest passions. "Gucki" is the website that Alessandra built in 2013 as a way of distributing her ideas on design with the world. She believes that cheerfulness, passion and colour can all play an important part when it comes to designing the home of your dreams. Follow Alessandra on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

92. Bobbi Edwards - Concepts and Colourways

www.conceptsandcolorways.com A website launched by the incredible interior designer, Bobbi Edwards, Concepts, and Colourways is intended to inspire and invigorate people around the world who want to make the most of colour to improve their home spaces. Whether you're interested in event planning, architecture, interior décor, or photography, you'll find everything you need for a new Muse on the Concepts and Colourways blog. As a passionate designer, Bobbi has plenty of insights to share from the last 20 years of working in the industry. On her blog, you'll find everything from info on the latest trends to new DIY ideas and tips. Follow Bobbi on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

93. Nicole - The Builders Wife

www.thebuilderswife.com.au Nicole uses her blog "The Builder's Wife" as a creative outlet, and a fantastic place to share some of her adventures as she goes through the complex process of renovating her stunning old house and making it a wonderful home. When she's not working on her blog, Nicole is raising a family of five children with her builder husband. Both Nicole and her hubby believe that any family or individual can achieve the perfect home with a little help. "The Builders" Wife is all about the experiences that you can have renovating and creating new homes. Follow Nicole on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

94. Antonia Ludden - Tidy Life

www.tidyawaytoday.co.uk Antonia Ludden is the founder of the charming blog "Tidy Life", a website dedicated to sharing thoughts and inspiration for interiors and lifestyle. Tidy Life was established in 2012, and it's the ideal place for interior enthusiasts to go when they need help discovering beautiful homeware, stunning design ideas, and updates about some of the latest and greatest interior trends. When the Tidy Life blog first began, it was an opportunity for Antonia to share some simple furniture makeover ideas and home improvement options for people around the world. Now, Antonia has collaborated alongside everyone from Homebase, to Ikea, and DFS! Follow Antonia on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

95. Victoria - Apartment Number 4


Apartment Number 4 is a wonderful lifestyle and interiors blog all about helping people to find their perfect home on a budget. Ever since Victoria launched her website in 2009, she's been sharing tips and ideas for people who want to make the home of their dreams without breaking the bank. Whether you're looking for inspiration or DIY tips, you can rely on Victoria to help you achieve the perfect home environment. Victoria has even won the best Home Interiors award in 2017 from the Bloggers awards, and she's been shortlisted for countless other fantastic accolades over the years too. Her apartment has even been showcased in some of the leading design magazines for the UK. Follow Victoria on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

96. Andrea Schumacher - Andrea Schumacher Interiors

www.andreaschumacherinteriors.com After earning her bachelors degree in the practice of interior design from F.I.D.E.R, Andrea Schumacher started her very own business and design blog. She also earned her own certificate in Universal Design from Harvard University, and over the years, she's spent her free time endlessly building on her studies withy courses that lead towards a masters in Architecture. On Andrea's website, you'll find countless sources of advice and inspiration for when you want to create the perfect home experience from scratch. If you're looking for a professional dive itno the world of design, then Andrea can help. Follow Andrea on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

97. Igor Josifovic - Happy Interior Blog

www.happyinteriorblog.com If you're looking for something to brighten up your day, then the Happy Interior Blog by Igor Josifovic could be the just the thing. When Igor started his website in 2011, he was hoping to find a way of bringing more happiness into the average home. Igor believes in the joy that people can find when they find their perfect personal space, which might be why he won the award for Best International Blog in 2014. On Igor's, website, you'll find plenty of great information and inspiration about design, along with everything you need to know about the healing powers of house plants. Follow Igor on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook  

98. Kristin Cadwallader - Bliss at Home

www.bliss-athome.com Bliss at Home is the sensational and inspirational blog by Kristin Cadwallader, a stylist, and designer who appreciates any moment in which she can share her love of luxury interiors with the world. Kristen has worked with countless clients creating their own boutique home solutions in the past, and on Bliss at Home, she shares her DIY ideas, style tips, and projects. Kristen started her website in 2012, and her background in design and art allowed her to create a voice that's truly appealing to anyone in the interior design space. Her insights have attracted the likes of everyone to HGTV magazine, to Better Homes and Gardens. Follow Kristen on: Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr  

99. Malia - Cuckoo 4 Design

www.cuckoo4design.com A German design-fanatic with a love of art, Malia is the mind behind the eclectic and beautiful blog "Cuckoo 4 Design". Malia grew up in Germany, and fell in love with much of the architecture she saw there. Today, her heritage still inspires many of her interior décor choices, and it has even prompted a long-lasting love affair with cuckoo clocks. After finishing art school, Malia worked at one of Germany's biggest furniture stores, while getting her degree in visual merchandising. While she's had many jobs throughout the years, she doesn't find anything more thrilling than working hands-on with a room and its furniture. Follow Malia on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook  

100. Laura - Laura Butler - Madden

www.laurabutlermadden.com/ Laura worked as a journalist and publicist before working in property. In 2010 she founded her blog Little Miss Homes as an outlet for her to share her passion. Her blog focuses on interiors, with addition of travel and lifestyle posts. Her Design inspirations come from many places. She describes her design to be calm and fairly organized. Laura Butler-Madden is a property developer and interior design & lifestyle blogger based between London and Dorset. Follow Laura on: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
Smart Style Bathrooms has helped over 1000 Perth residents have an enjoyable experience creating their ideal bathroom sanctuary
Paul, North Perth

"Smart style bathrooms recently completed a bathroom renovation in my mothers old property in North Perth. To Cameron and all the staff and contractors that worked on the bathroom thank you so much for the job you have done. I was very impressed in the professional approach of everyone and this shows in the finished product. The schedule worked smoothly and I am very happy with everything. A work mate recommended Smart Style bathrooms after getting their ensuite completed and I am so happy I took her advice. Best advice I ever did with the renovation and bathroom has added so much to the property. Everyone of my friends I have shown have been impressed"

Andre, Kalamunda

"Our experience with smartstyle was amazing, from start to finish the job was done to schedule and by a very professional team. The end result far exceeded our expectations. All aspects of the job were completed to a very high standard and were are more than satisfied with the end result and would have no hesitation in recommending Cameron Caitlin and their team-we would use them again if we plan any future renovations."

Greg, Marmion

"We are extremely happy with the complete make-over of our bathroom by Smart Style Bathrooms.

The whole process was very satisfying, from the design and quotation stage through to the completion of a high quality product.

We were afforded a high level of customer service by all involved and very much appreciated the professionalism and friendless displayed by the tradies, who were readily approachable to make minor adjustments on the job.

The project was well coordinated, timely and fell within budget, with quality workmanship.

We highly recommend Smart Style Bathrooms if you are planning a bathroom renovation and would not hesitate engaging Cameron and his people for future work."

Lee-Anne Miles

"We would like to thank all of you for the professional and considerate way in which you approached our bathroom renovation. From the moment we met Cameron we were impressed with his knowledge, skill and professionalism. One look at another job, talking to the owner of that job about the team, gave us even more confidence to move forward into a contract. Having the designers come out and go through the selections in the comfort of our own home, was a pleasure. Both ladies gave guidance and ideas without pushing anything onto us that we didn't want. Very impressive.

Once our renovation began, it was a continuous stream of work teams. Each team was thorough, polite and willing to show us through any of the issues. The most impressive part of the renovation, other than the amazing finished product, is how considerate the workmen were of our tenants.

We are extremely happy with the job and the entire team at Smart Style Bathrooms. Thank you so much."

Amanda, Alexander Heights

"Cameron and his team were professional, helpful and kept me well-informed throughout the whole process. I enjoyed the extra touches that I didn't get with the company that renovated my other bathroom. Would definitely recommend Smartstyle - they favour quality and longevity in their approach to renovation."

Leslie, Trigg

"Cameron's team were professional, friendly and courteous. They were all meticulous and obviously took pride in their work. They arrived on time every day, worked extremely hard and always kept me up to date with what was going on. Each evening, the team left the workspace tidy and neat - which was essential as were were sleeping right next to the bathrooms being renovated. We were thrilled with the results and already recommended them to family who also used them."

Tim, Bibra Lake

"Highly recommend this company for bathroom renovations. They manage every aspect of the renovation and their team are professional and friendly. Nothing was to much trouble and we are very happy with the end result. Thank you Smart Style bathrooms."

Joel, Duncraig

"Highly recommend! I wish the rest of our home renovation had been as easy as the bathrooms! The Smart Style guys came up with a really clever design that allowed us to add a whole second bathroom just by reconfiguring some internal walls. They took care of everything - all I had to do was point and nod! All the trades I dealt with were super professional - a clear cut above the average 'gumtree' tradie."

Steve, Bayswater

"Cameron's team were professional, friendly and courteous. All the trades who attended were professional and highly skilled and obviously took pride in their work, could not be more pleased with our bathroom. would highly recommended smart style bathrooms to friends and family"

Ross, Joondanna

"When we needed to completely remodel our ensuite to suit us in our older age we chose Smart Style Bathrooms who were recommended by good friends. We were not disappointed. Their suggestions were very helpful, their tradies were punctual, courteous and very competent, and their supervisor top notch — easy to contact, and always helpful. There were some minor glitches, as will occur, but these were resolved without a fuss. We are very happy with the process, timing and outcome. Well-done Smart Style!"

Monique, Dianella

"Deciding to renovate a bathroom and laundry can be quite daunting, especially when you have no idea what you're doing, where to go and who to turn to. Trust me! Go the the team at SmartStyle Bathrooms and you'll be glad you did. From start to finish, the guys were helpful, friendly and professional. Great service and well priced. I've already recommended SmartStyle to a few friends who have seen what they have done with my bathroom and laundry and are now thinking of updating their's with SmartStyle too. Thanks guys & gals! See you at my next reno for sure! ;-)"

John, Inglewood

"It is with pleasure to recommend the services of 'Smart Style Bathrooms'. Their quotes are extremely fair and reasonable with no hidden costs. Our Laundry and Bathroom renovations were completed on time and budget. Their after sales service if required is second to none. John & Rob, Inglewood"

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With a multitude of different trades and suppliers to coordinate, effective project management is critical in delivering a renovation on plan, on time and on budget. Generally speaking a renovation timeline will be approximately 4 weeks. We aspire to provide you with the best quality and a long lasting bathroom and we would rather take the extra time where needed to maintain our high quality standards then complete your renovation in the shortest amount of time.