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The interior designers at Perth’s Smart Style Bathrooms know the value of the company’s Virtual Showroom and 3D programs, which accurately reveal how a bathroom renovation will look when completed.

During an in-home consultation, one of the company’s qualified interior designers will show you the Virtual Showroom, where all fixtures and fittings can be seen, including vanities, mirrors, hardware, basins, tubs, toilet suites, tiles and wall treatments.

The vast array of choices come from proven manufacturers who honour their warranties. The interior designer will guide you to fine tune your choices in keeping with the style of your home.

Add value to your home

At the same time, because bathrooms add value to properties, your renovation should be classic and timeless while making use of current design. For instance, in the shower space, a wall niche and a built-in bench are practical touches of luxury that will be appreciated decades into the future.

‘Try before you buy’

Exploring the Virtual Showroom and viewing the 3D Preview allows you to ‘try before you buy’, whether you are renovating an ensuite, main bathroom, powder room, kitchen or laundry.

How to choose a paint colour

Choosing paint for the areas that are not being tiled must be done onsite, in your bathroom. This is because the colour of a paint swatch seen elsewhere will look quite different in the space where it is going to be applied. It is the light in the room that creates this difference.

Wall and floor tiles can be part of the background of the room or laid in patterns for strong visual impact. An example would be subway tiles: although simply rectangular, they come in various sizes and colours, and when laid in one of many different patterns can make a valuable aesthetic contribution to a wet area.

Curves are timeless

The current trend towards curves is giving today’s bathrooms a softer edge, so the basin may be round or oval. Free-standing rounded or oval bathtubs add spa-like timeless glamour.

Placing basins on top of the vanity can add to the ‘wow factor’ of your renovation. Because basins are used daily for washing and shaving, choose one that’s big and deep enough to do the job properly.

Mirrors, taps, lighting

Round or curved mirrors are in vogue and expected to remain in favour for years to come. Combine these with the curves of a basin and a bathtub, and you have the elements of the softer look taking bathroom decor into the future.

Another important aspect of your bathroom design will be hardware, such as taps, showerheads, drawers and door handles, even toilet roll holders. Smart Style Bathrooms’ interior designer will ensure the taps are in the right proportion for your basin and that all these fittings match.

The interior designer will also help you decide on lighting. In addition to a central pendant or sconce, wall lighting around the vanity will be necessary for specific tasks.

When you have finalised your choices, you will be offered a quote to sign, after which the project can move forward.

For a successful, smoothly run bathroom or wet area renovation, call Smart Style Bathrooms to set up a free Virtual Showroom Tour and 3D Preview, a WA owned family company based in Perth.