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If you have a traditional bathroom, it is high time you unscaled it. The advancement in technology has introduced new innovative ideas for bathrooms that will add significant value and style to your bathroom. The design team at Smart Style Bathrooms have the experience and energy efficient solutions to give your traditional bathroom a face lift.

Here are some facts about bathroom renovations.

33% of homeowners remodel their bathroom to achieve a better appeal.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported an increase of 40% of Australian homeowners were looking to renovate or upgrade their bathrooms in the last 12 months.

Statistically it is often said, kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, with a trend on energy efficiency systems for ot water and natural gas.

Even with the above statistics, it can be challenging to upscale a traditional bathroom. However, if you engage the right interior designers, updating your bathroom style can be a seamless process. Talk to the team at Smart Style about their process and get peace of mind before embarking on your renovation.

Read on for a few design tips you can consider improving your traditional bathrooms. 

5 Key Improvements to Your Traditional Bathrooms

If you have a Federation home and want something a bit up market for the bathroom, here are a few improvements to consider:

1.   Hidden Low-Flow Tank Toilet

Mounting the tank inside the wall comes with numerous benefits. A low-flow, hidden tank toilet will come in handy, mainly if you have limited space in your bathroom. 

The low-flow model will be a game-changer in terms of saving water after flushing. Besides increasing your home's value following a remodel, this design saves you a significant amount of space. 

2.           Textured, Small Tiles for the Floor

There are numerous options of wall and flooring tiles you can consider when remodelling your traditional bathroom. It is essential to be careful when choosing the tiles for your shower. 

Small and textured tiles are a perfect option for your shower floor. The additional texture ensures that you do not slip whenever the floor becomes wet and soapy. Additionally, this design brings the contrast needed for modern bathrooms.  

3.            Install a Bathtub.

Installing a bathtub is an excellent improvement to your traditional bathroom. Besides easing how you take your baths; a tub will also add value to your home if you consider selling it later. 

A bathtub will be a perfect idea if you have a lot of space in your bathroom. It is also advisable to be considerate of the type of bathtub you install. You can choose between a freestanding and a wall bathtub. 

4.           Add a Window in Your Bathroom

If you have noticed a weird smell coming from your bathroom, the chances are high that the bathroom does not have enough ventilation. Once humidity gets trapped, it leads to the development of moulds and emanates terrible odour.

Whereas you may consider installing a fan, natural ventilation is the best. An additional window in your bathroom would help keep away mildew and moulds. Additionally, the window will allow more natural light into the bathroom. 

5.           Increase the Storage Areas

It would be best if you had enough storage spaces to keep your bathroom neat and organized. For instance, consider adding customized cabinetry to your bathroom. Such cabinets will come in handy for storing bathroom linens and other items. 

Also, consider adding a few hooks to hang items such as towels and robes. Your bathroom remains uncluttered with the additional storage areas, giving you a sense of a bigger space even if it is not.  

Final Thoughts

Modern bathrooms come with improved features and designs. If you have a traditional style bathroom, you can still elevate its style with a few improvements. 

Upscaling a Federation home bathroom can be challenging. However, Smart Style Bathrooms innovative ideas will help you achieve the look you want for your bathroom.  Talk to the team at Smart Style for professional bathroom renovations.