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It’s important to look at the design layout if you have a small bathroom, as there can be a way to re-configure the bathroom layout to maximise your space if you are considering a bathroom renovation. The team at Smart Style Bathrooms have provided a few tips in order to maximise your space in a small bathroom.

1.   Decide what you value the most in a bathroom, whether that be a bigger shower, having an extra toilet, a larger vanity or more storage. Once you’ve done that we can start to place the existing items in a way that best presents itself.

2.   A good space saving technique is installing an in-wall toilet cistern, by doing this you save from 100-150mm of space, now this doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but when you’re working with minimal area every bit counts.

3.   Wall mounted mixers are another fantastic way to free up a little more space on the vanity. If using a Wall mounted mixer you either have more space on your vanity, or you have the option to have a larger sink.

4.   A wall hung vanity can give the illusion of a larger space, however it does give you less storage space than a floor mounted vanity.

5.  Installing a mirror cabinet above your wall hung vanity, can however bring in extra storage space into a bathroom.

6. If you have the wall space and are looking for something with a little more storage, then we could install a tallboy which are used to store those spare towels or bits and bobs. They come in a large variety of styles and you can match in with the style of your vanity.

7.  A frameless shower screen doesn’t encapsulate the size of a shower compared to framed shower screens and provides the vision of a larger bathroom.

Smart Style Bathrooms has encountered many different shapes and sized bathrooms during our many years of renovating bathrooms and are here to help you create the best space possible. Small doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish or feel open. If you need help maximising your bathroom then click for a free quote or give us a call to book in your free measure and quote.