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With COVID-19 restrictions easing, homeowners planning a bathroom upgrade  are advised to consult with renovation companies now and avoid being at the back of a queue.

If you are looking for a quick renovation turn-around with customised design and immaculate finishes, talk to award winning company, Smart Style Bathrooms.

The company is conducting free no-obligation consultations in accordance with COVID-19 requirements

The owner Cameron, has observed that through ‘staying home’ many families have realised their bathrooms just aren’t ‘up to the job’. What’s needed is a more functional bathroom with surfaces that are easy to keep hygienically clean.

With the medical fraternity urging deep cleaning for all areas of the home, especially kitchen, bathroom and toilet, Cameron has designs that incorporate streamlined easy care surfaces, which they customise to suit the style of the home..

Protect the Family

In one-bathroom home’s, parents are asking if it is possible to find a space to make an extra bathroom. The first choice is an en-suite so they can have privacy and – in the case of illness – allow for separation that protects the rest of the family.

When renovating a main bathroom, many homeowners want multiple sinks and in most cases this is doable, according to Cameron.

Upgrading or adding a bathroom adds value to any home, whether it’s in an villa or a sprawling Californian bungalow, the couple said.

Free Renovation Guide

Without corporate overheads, Smart Style Bathrooms helps clients save money, whether they want a personalised, spa-like sanctuary or a new, small, functional, minimalist en suite.

You can also read their jargon-free guide, The 3 Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom. It’s available free from the website.

In it, bathroom renovation is described as a process.

The first step in the process is consultation. Measurements and photos are taken, followed by a discussion about the client’s renovation ideas. Advice is provided and solutions to potential problems are offered.

In step two, a free ‘quote estimate’ is given, which includes ‘initial product selection’.

View Digital 3D Images

During step three, the client works with an award winning designer to create 3D digital images of the bathroom, displaying how it  will look after renovation. At this stage, product choices can be changed.

In step four, clients are presented with an updated design and a costing document that incorporates changes decided in step three.

If the client approves and signs off on this document, the next step is to meet the supervisor of the renovation.

Team of Professionals

In step five, the supervisor comes to the site and explains the details of how the work is to proceed.

The supervisor coordinates the team of professional tradespeople, and is the person the client communicates with throughout the job.

Renovation starts at step six. Only qualified tradespeople who are police cleared and have Workplace Health and Safety Certification work on the renovation.

Step seven is when the renovation is complete.

 Warranties Provide Security

The supervisor scrutinises the finished job and if it is one hundred percent satisfactory, hands warranties to the client.

These include a ten-year waterproofing warranty and a six-year workmanship warranty. Smart Style Bathrooms backs up manufacturers’ warranties with a labour warranty.

Clients who’ve completed a bathroom renovation with Smart Style Bathrooms qualify for VIP status. They are welcome to ask queries following the completion of the job and into the future, and are offered renovation services for kitchens and whole-house.

Visit Smartstyle Bathrooms to view the company’s gallery and claim your free booklet.