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All bathrooms start somewhere - but when Smart Style took on this Perth-based bathroom, they had more to contend with than usual. The design team sprung into action, and efforts paid off with yet another houzz award.


Before works, the bathroom had a waterproofing failure and so had to be stripped back entirely. This was necessary, as otherwise the renovation would be done poorly. Without taking these steps, the bathroom would lack the longevity so associated with Smart Style’s interiors. 


The bathroom, a room made for a professional in Bayswater, Perth WA, worked with the budget of approximately $23,000. The goal was to renovate the room innovatively, so it both worked as a family bathroom and looked stylish, classy, and beautiful. 


The bathroom measured 5.5 square metres, so there was not miles to work with. The client has one specific request in mind: that the bathroom used terrazzo tiles. They wanted a modern and fresh look and knew these tiles could be used to that advantage. 


Smart Style used terrazzo tiles by Fibonacci Stone, called ‘Abstrakt terrazzo tiles.’ These tiles were used as the focal point of the bathroom instead of tiling the entire wall. They fit nicely into Smart Style’s monochromatic colour palette. 


Outside of the terrazzo tiles, Smart Style employed a range of materials and techniques to bring this Perth bathroom to its modern and innovative finish. 


Alongside the terrazzo tiles, porcelain tiles were used to bring a fresh look to the walls. These tiles came from Ayaree Ceramics. A matt-white bath takes up a large amount of the floor space. Its depth and clean look make it perfect for a professional client. This white background only served to emphasize the matt-black tapware, all by Poco Tapware from Abey. The contrast makes the bathroom leave a strong impression. To add to the stylishly modern look, Smart Style used an Ashley Vanity from ADP Australia. 


As with any glorious bathroom, style isn’t everything. Smart Style considered the space available and the practicalities of this Perth bathroom when designing. They wanted to create a wet room in the limited space. The best way to do this, they found, was to put both bath and shower behind the shower screen. This way, more space was created while still allowing for a separate bath and shower. 


The room is so decoratively stunning due to the monochromatic contrast. The two block colours of black and white play off each other to give a dramatic look to the bathroom. The predominant white colour, however, keeps the bathroom looking light and fresh, where the subtler black draws the eye to the key features of the room, like the mirror and the shower. 


The interlacing of texture, offered by the terrazzo tiles, gives the eye something to be drawn to. They echo the rockfaces of outdoor water features, like cliffs and beaches, putting the user in mind of the splendour of nature, all while being indoors. 


Smart Style has used their expertise and innovation to turn this Perth bathroom into a stylishly modern new room, perfect for the professional, giving houzz another opportunity to award Smart Style for another stylish bathroom