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At Smart Style we believe you deserve more than just a beautiful space.

We follow a simple three step process –

Discover and design – Even our quote process is different. We will discover what your concerns are, what you’d like your bathroom to look like, and how it fits your lifestyle. We’ll make sure we know the details that are important to you and we’ll present a design to help you make your decision.

Refine and Renovate – Together we’ll refine your design and then handle all the dirty work for you. We’ll make sure drop sheets are used, clean up happens every day and the final product is exactly what you’re hoping for. Renovations often have unexpected problems crop up. That’s why we’re here – we handle those problems for you and get the job done.

Enjoy your sanctuary – When we finish, the job will be done as promised. You’ll have years of enjoyment out of your creation.


See the Smart Style Care Plan below:

Cleanliness – Renovations are messy. We’ll make sure you’re home is as clean as possible every day

Communication – We know you don’t like surprises and you don’t like being left in the dark. We’ll communicate with you as much or as little as you would prefer.

Reliability and Punctuality – We keep our agreements. If we’re going to be late, we’ll call as soon as we know. If there is a delay, same thing. There is no such thing as the perfect renovation. We promise to do everything we can and we’ll always solve every problem that comes up.

Care and Empathy – It’s our job. We love creating your finished product and we care about your experience. We know how it feels to live through a renovation and we’ll take every step we can to help you through the process.

We’re on your team – Most renovations have unexpected problems. We’ve learned to expect the unexpected, and we know that you don’t. It’s important that you know that we’re on your team and we’ll do what it takes to solve any unexpected problem that comes up. This is one of the best parts about working with Smart Style – we’re on your team.

Home Security – We’ll work with your desires on the subject of security. Our priority is that you feel safe and secure throughout the process.

Interest – This isn’t just another job to us. We’re going to make sure you get what we agreed to deliver for you.

Our Tradesmen – Our team are unique to Smart Style. We don’t farm work out to people we don’t know. Every single person that comes to your house has undergone a selection process that is normally reserved for white collar management roles. We profile our team using the best predictor profiling tools we’ve found. You can be guaranteed our team is the best in Perth.

Quality – We are not the cheapest bathroom renovators out there and it shows. You’ll enjoy the satisfaction of your choice to become part of the Smart Style family and our workmanship in your bathroom sanctuary for years to come.

Warranty – We provide a rock solid 10 year guarantee on our workmanship and we’ve never had a single claim in 8 years.

Renovating your bathroom shouldn’t cause headaches. With SmartStyle, it’s thorough and planned. An average makeover takes just 4 weeks, and we manage the process from go to whoa. No fuss, just the solution you want – the transformation of a daggy, dingy bathroom into a gleaming, elegant space to be enjoyed 365 days per year.

And the comment we hear most often? “Why didn’t we do it years ago?”

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  • Willing to go outside the project scope to really finish off the job well

    Michael, Scarborough
  • Great customer servive, coordination and teamwork.  Overall attention to detail

    Anne, Nedlands
  • Really smooth process, workers were polite, careful and friendly. Just an excellent experience, thankyou all!

    Alison, Koondoola
  • We were impressed with the absolute professionalism of Cameron and his team.

    Anna, Perth