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"Great customer servive, coordination and teamwork. Overall attention to detail"

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"Really smooth process, workers were polite, careful and friendly. Just an excellent experience, thankyou all!"

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"Willing to go outside the project scope to really finish off the job well."

We follow a simple three step process

Step 1


Discover and design

Even our quote process is different. We will discover what your concerns are, what you’d like your bathroom to look like, and how it fits your lifestyle. We’ll make sure we know the details that are important to you and we’ll present a design to help you make your decision.


Refine and Renovate

Together we’ll refine your design and then handle all the dirty work for you. We’ll make sure drop sheets are used, clean up happens every day and the final product is exactly what you’re hoping for. Renovations often have unexpected problems crop up. That’s why we’re here – we handle those problems for you and get the job done.

Step 2
Step 3


Enjoy your sanctuary

When we finish, the job will be done as promised. You’ll have years of enjoyment out of your creation.

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We have included a list of frequently asked questions that are often asked by our customers and handy hints regarding aspects of your renovation

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

We are not the cheapest bathroom renovation company in Perth as we pride ourselves on the high quality of our workmanship over short-cuts and it shows. We know that the fixtures and fittings we install are reliable and durable. Our quality doesn’t just stop with the products, every tradesman, designer or contractor that enters your home has been carefully selected through a process designed for management positions. We do this so that you know the people entering your home are reliable and have an excellent skill set. You can be confident that we’re providing you with a service that will give you a luxurious sanctuary for years to come.

How long does a bathroom renovation take?

With a multitude of different trades and suppliers to coordinate, effective project management is critical in delivering a renovation on plan, on time and on budget. Generally speaking a renovation timeline will be approximately 4 weeks. We aspire to provide you with the best quality and a long lasting bathroom and we would rather take the extra time where needed to maintain our high quality standards then complete your renovation in the shortest amount of time.

Is a bathroom renovation worth it?

Did you know that most people spend more than three hours in their bathrooms each week? In 60 years of adult life, that equates to well over a year. Having a bathroom that meets your needs is important. Bathroom renovations also provide homeowners one of the highest resale returns as a home improvement when putting it on the market. At the same time, why not make it a place you love to be? At Smart Style, we think that’s a no-brainer.

What are the steps involved in a bathroom renovation?

We understand that many people have more concern for the process of a renovation than the final product. There is a lot of trust involved in allowing a group of strangers to come in and out of your house each day and your life shouldn’t be turned upside down because of a bathroom renovation.

Here at Smart Style, we are on your team and know that you deserve to feel safe and secure during the process. This is why we follow a simple 3 Step Process:

  • Step 1: Discover and Design
  • Step 2: Refine and Renovate
  • Step 3: Enjoy your Sanctuary

For more information on our 3 Step Process, click here

Where do you start when renovating a bathroom?

Contact the team at Smart Style to arrange a time to quote on your next bathroom renovation. We will discuss what you want in your new sanctuary, the renovation process and design your bathroom to suit your lifestyle. We will go through the details that are important to you and then provide you with a quote and 3D design.

Do you offer realistic 3D bathroom previews before starting the renovation?

Smart Style Bathrooms offer a realistic 3D design of your new bathroom during our quoting process, designed and developed by our Interior Designers. There is simply no better way to plan your new bathroom then to have it designed by an Interior Designer and presented to you in a 3D realistic image. You won’t have to rely on your imagination to visualise your new bathroom. It also allows you to assess different options and make adjustments if needed.

Which bathroom suppliers can I choose from?

At Smart Style we provide you with an in-home design consultation with our Interior Designers to help you select your fixtures and fittings. This includes tiles, tapware, vanity, bath, shower, lighting and accessories, the whole lot. This process allows us to source many products and ranges available, making us unique. As some businesses will give you a list of preferred suppliers for you to visit or they might have a showroom that makes you choose from a very limited selection. By providing our Clients with an in-home design consultation, we take the hassle out of driving to showrooms all over Perth, which can be an overwhelming experience. Our Interior Designers will also help you decide what features and colours will complement the rest of you home and create a unique style just for you.

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Smart Style takes the stress out of renovating your bathroom. We add value to your home, and bliss to at least three hours of your week!