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You may have noticed that indoor plants are making a serious style comeback and we are advocates for this stunning and distinctive plant that is the Air Plant.

What makes an Air Plant perfect for your bathroom?

The Air Plant is aptly named due to its exclusive ability to grow in air – without the presence of an in-ground root system like your typical pot plant. Instead, Air Plants kind of just…hover.

They unassumingly thrive among their landscape; growing happily without the need for dirt, which probably makes them the cleanest housemates you’ll ever have! Commonly mistaken for a cactus or succulent, the Air Plant is actually related to our beloved tropical buddy, the pineapple.

The fact that Air Plants grow atmospherically makes them a very versatile indoor plant that are relatively simple to care for and they don’t like owners who are overly fussy. Although there are hundreds of different Air Plant species, in many shapes and sizes, generally most of them love a good humid environment. So, what better trendy dude for decorating your bathroom with?

Your newly renovated bathroom is the perfect place to add some greenery because the Air Plant thrives off a bathroom’s humidity. You can fog up that mirror and rest assure that every time you shower, you are basically giving your little green guy a drink – watering him without watering! Then all they need is a light weekly spritz depending on how much light and air circulation available in your bathroom. The key is to not overhydrate the plant, as overwatering is almost always irreversible and will rot your new bathroom buddy.

If you are Perth based, you can contact terrAIRium who create stunning Air Plant concepts to suit every style of bathroom. Or you can visit the Smart Style Design Studio located in West Leederville to check out what we have on display. Every terrAIRium purchase comes with a complimentary mini information booklet that helps you understand your Air Plants’ needs and a handy misting vial, to keep close a hand for those watering days.

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