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Kids, work, friends, social gatherings, exercising, there are so many things that take up our time and sometimes we need to escape every now and then. This is where bathrooms have evolved from being an area purely designed for practicality and into a room that is designed to create your own day spa. Your own sanctuary at home is what every home owner is chasing, a place where you have time to escape the busy life and fully relax in a space that encourages serenity.

For working mums this has never been more relatable, many of our clients are woman that are requesting an area where they can enjoy some time to themselves. This is where freestanding baths, above mounted sinks, beautiful tiling and more luxurious shower heads have all reached popularity. One of the areas where we can help you turn your bathroom into a luxurious relaxing space is by decluttering, this is best done by recreating the space and changing the layout in a manner that will best work in the area you have.

It is amazing how a well-designed layout can change the way you feel in your bathroom. This layout is influenced by the light available to your bathroom, which again genuinely influences your sanctuary. And lastly colours, this space should reflect you and what makes you feel most at home, let our Interior Designers take your personal style and turn it into your own personal day spa. Go out and get yourself some soft towels, scented candles, bubble bath and champagne and let us do the rest.