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Fremantle, the waterfront precinct of Perth, is quite famous for its maritime history and is home to the largest convict-built prison in Australia. The buzzing and progressive city is rich in culture. From the colonial-era streets to popular street art and the trendy outdoor bars and cafes, there are plenty of reasons to travel to this destination.

Fremantle is to the south of Perth. It takes 30 minutes to drive from Perth city and 25 minutes by train. Here in Western Australia’s waterfront region, there are plenty of ingredients to create a fantastic holiday experience.

Here is a rundown of some things you can do to get a taste of the local lifestyle.

1.  Visit the Fremantle Prison                          

If you are a history fanatic, then there is an added benefit of visiting Perth's Port Fremantle. Fremantle Prison is a historic landmark and one of West Australia’s most significant cultural attractions.

The prison has been open to the public since 1992, offering tours through its chambers. It became the first building in the state to take place on the World Heritage List.

Make your experience even more worthwhile by visiting the prison at night to listen to the ghastly stories of the prisoners occupying the cells. Make a reservation in advance to take part in some experiences such as the 90-minute Torchlight tour.

2.          Wander through the Fremantle Markets

Take part in the ultimate market experience that is rich in culture and heritage of over 100 years. This leading tourist attraction site in the state began as a wholesale and produce market from 1897 to the 1950s.

Today, it promotes not only local food but also art, photography, and handicrafts that reflect the Perth's culture. With over 150 stalls, the artisan markets have plenty for you to discover.

3.          Eat from the Best Fremantle Restaurants

Fremantle has many unique eateries that are well known for their alfresco dining experience. The laid-back lifestyle makes Fremantle a popular place to relax and enjoy a meal with friends. You can enjoy various foods from different cultures around the world.

You can choose to pick up food on the go or dine on the famous Cappuccino Strip, where you can watch people engaging in many activities as you enjoy your meal.

If you also want to grab a drink, there are plenty of friendly pubs and breweries that you can delight your taste buds. Perth boasts of some of the best locally produced beer, cider, and award-winning wines.

4.          Visit the Western Australia Maritime Museum

The Western Australia Maritime Museum holds the keys to the maritime connection between the past, present, and future of the coastal city. You can find many types of iconic vessels and modern boats that have been in the Aussie water throughout the state’s maritime history.

The maritime museum is a must-visit to any first-time visitor to Perth. You can find the Maritime museum at the heart of Fremantle.

Summing Up

Fremantle is one destination that you can visit both during the day and at night. The city is beautiful and clean. Its roads are modern but can give you a nostalgic colonial-era feel because of the culture of the city.

Although it is one of the most isolated cities in Australia, its deep historical charm and cultural vivacity can winyou over. So, it does not matter how many times you visit Fremantle; the quirky cafes, friendly pubs, and busking locals will make your visit worthwhile.