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It is everyone’s dream to get off work and sink into a hot rejuvenating bath that soothes away all your stress. Well, it is only possible if your bathroom is not messy or out of style. The gloomy winter weather also presents a reason you need a place to refocus your energies and avoid depression.

So, how about freshening up your bathroom to give it a spa feel? The bathroom is one of the most personal and private spaces in your house. It is where you can give yourself a treat to personal self-care practices such as hot soaks to wearing face masks. The space should, therefore, make you feel happy when you are in it.

It does not matter whether it is big or small. You can still revive your bathroom and make it a relaxing and rejuvenating oasis. With help from a bathroom renovation Perth expert, you can update your bathroom without making a total renovation.

Here are some simple ways you can give your bathroom a fresh new design with minimal fuss.

Update your Fixtures

You do not need to do much to give your bathroom a new lease on life. You can add character and style to your bathroom just by replacing a few fixtures such as faucets and the showerhead.

The method does not cost much and is highly effective at giving a pleasing visual lift.

Install Dimming Bathroom Lights

Light is very important for setting the mood. Consider installing bathroom lights that come with a dimmer control. You can use it to soften the light and recreate a spa-like effect when soaking in the tub to make the experience soothing.

The installation of dimmer lights can be a complex process. You can get help from a professional to avoid complex electrical issues.

Clear Toilet Clutter

If you have a small bathroom, storage space can be a serious problem. It becomes stressful when everything clutters since you cannot hide all your toiletries. You can free up some cabinet space by clearing out all the old and expired toiletries that you may never use.

You can increase the storage space by using storage containers and placing them under the sink or drawer. You can also add some wall-hung shelves to increase the storage space. However, be mindful of the visual implications and ensure that it merges with your décor. What is in your mind?

Introduce some Artwork

The bathroom may be the last place you may think of placing an artwork or wall décor. However, it is highly effective at adding personality and changing the mood in the room. However, you should not just hang the artwork anywhere. Talk to our resident Interior Designer, Caitlin to brainstorm some ideas.

It should be a place that can draw attention and create a focal point for the room. Consider installing a soothing artwork just above the bathtub.What is in your mind?

Soft Close the Toilet Seat

Are you tired of always waking up to the sound of someone slamming the toilet seat down? With all the Christmas foot traffic, it’s time to upgrade that bathroom! Install a soft close toilet seat to prevent the seat from being too loud when it closes.

Summing it Up

Before executing any changes to your bathroom, you should get help from bathroom designers in assessing the areas that you need to fix or change. Of course, if you do not have a huge budget, you can still add an affordable interior design feel to your new bathroom by making minor changes.

No matter how small the bathroom is, you can elevate the ambiance of your bathroom by changing even the most minute detail.

Are you ready to give your small bathroom a quick revamp without breaking the budget? You can get professional help from Smart Style Bathrooms, Perth’s leading bathroom renovators.