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Travel might be restricted in many parts of the world right now, but it doesn’t mean you can’t experience the joys Perth has to offer. For those unable to get to Perth right now, this virtual tour can help you out. 


In and around the awesome city of Perth, there are plenty of things to do. From the world-famous beaches to stunning wildlife, there is something for everyone. However, if you aren’t sure where to start with your virtual tour, here are some of the best bits to begin with. 


Caves, Gorges, Monoliths, and Formations 


Western Australia is filled with amazing gorges, caves, and rocks. People might think first of beaches when it comes to Perth, but the water that surrounds Australia has also led to magnificent rock formations. The billions of years that the waves have been crashing down on the sides of Perth have carved into its borders magnificent structures and carved out beautiful caves. 


There are plenty of beautiful sights along Perth’s coast and on the mainland. Some of the best spots include the river gorges at Kalbarri National Park, the domes at the Bungle Bungle Range, and Mount Augustus, the world’s biggest monolith, which you can scale. 


One to look out for is Dimalurru Tunnel Creek National Park, which is one to visit if you are a fan of history. Tunnel Creek is the oldest known cave system in Western Australia and spans a 720 metre tunnel. The tunnel runs from one side of the Napier Range and out to the other side. There are plenty of full-time pools that you must wade through, some of which are full of fish and freshwater crocodiles. Not to mention the five species of bat which live in and around the cave. It’s a great place to visit if you love wildlife


Whale Watching


When you can’t get to Perth in person, using virtual events and tours is a great way to connect to the beautiful scenery and wildlife


Whale Watch Western Australia offers whale watching events virtually for those who cannot get to Perth in person. 


Whale Watch TV (the virtual access to whale watching) offers a series of online videos of whale watching tours for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. There is a wide variety to choose from, whether you want a calm compilation of the Bremer Bay Orca Season in 2021 or a more high-paced video of a Humpback whale surviving an attack.  


Visit Perth


Whether virtually or in person, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained in Perth. There is something for everyone - whether your interests lie in geography, wildlife, sport, or creative pursuits. Whatever you need, Perth has it on offer. Take into a virtual tour now, or plan to visit some of these places yourself when life returns to some semblance of 'normal'.