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Where does a bathroom renovation begin?

Advice from the real estate and building industries is to start your bathroom renovation with a plan of your own ideas and don’t base your choice of contractor on lowest price. They warn that the best dollar deal may end up being the worst dollar deal, so hire a professional bathroom renovator with a proven track record whose work is guaranteed.

For Perth homeowners, the bathroom renovation company that ticks these boxes is Smart Style Bathrooms. Local industry awards and two Houzz online design magazine awards say it all, as do the many testimonials from overjoyed clients who’ve had their bathrooms transformed from dingy to sparkling, functional, long lasting and stylish.

A Smart Style Interior Designer’s help is just a phone call away. During a consultation in your own home, you and the Interior Designer can look at your plan and budget, and discuss the realities involved in the renovation process. Together, you and the Interior Designer will select decor that’s appropriate for your home, which means you get a customised bathroom.

Smart Style Bathrooms has access to an extensive range of all necessary fittings and furniture, which you will see during the consultation. You won’t need to drive from supplier to supplier as you can make your selection with the Interior Designer, including styles suitable for older and even period homes. Perth has many Federation, Art Deco, Mid 20th Century; and California Bungalows that require a specialist’s understanding of how to use heritage touches in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and powder rooms.

High-tech 3D Render Gives Accurate Image

The company’s high-tech 3D rendering of your bathroom plan will be interpreted by the Interior Designer. You will know exactly what to expect at the end of the renovation. This 3D preview is more than an exciting, fun experience: it gives you an opportunity to confidently make changes or go ahead with the design and layout.

Smart Style Bathrooms, applies an Eight Step Process that’s unique in the industry. This easy to understand process gives clients the advantage of knowing exactly what is going to happen. Clients also have a project supervisor to turn to if they have questions about the work while it is progressing.

Completion Achieved

This is exciting to watch and, with Smart Style Bathrooms’ Eight Step Process, the work progresses towards completion smoothly. The client now has the bathroom as shown to them in the Interior Designer’s 3D rendering.

Finishing on budget and on time while delivering a stylish, customised high-quality bathroom is the aim of the dedicated, highly skilled team at Smart Style Bathrooms.

Smart Style Bathrooms is happy to discuss your renovation project and budget, give them a call for a friendly chat.