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Tired Bathrooms Sparkle after Budget Makeovers 

If your bathroom could speak, would it beg for a make-over?

And would you believe re-modelling and renovating such an important room does not cost as much as you’d think!

Imagine if this was true and a modest budget could transform your bathroom, taking it from tired and dingy to a sparkling easy-to-keep-clean space.   Well, look no more.  Smart Style Bathrooms are the experts at creating beautiful spaces on a budget.

Fitting in an Extra Bathroom

At this time, for those of you longing for an extra bathroom, stretching the budget with a view to adding one is a wise move. If anyone in your home requires to isolate, others must not use the same bathroom or toilet, according to medical advice. Fortunately, some designers claim there are seven ‘secret’ areas in a house where space can be ‘stolen’ for an extra bathroom. A shower, sink and toilet with a power point are that’s needed.

To find out how far your budget could stretch, why not talk with a proven bathroom design company.  Have a friendly chat with the professional design team at Smart Style Bathrooms.  Smart Style offer a contract price which is fixed, providing you with peace of mind in these unsettling times.

Smart Style Bathrooms offers a fixed price contract and a money-back guarantee.

Go over your wish list, then give Smart Style a call.

Neutral Colour Schemes

If you are remodeling or renovating, take time to deep clean the bathroom. While this is underway, think about what needs to be changed. Consider a neutral colour scheme, which works well for family bathrooms.  Choosing one of the variety of white tones is sensible and will never go out of style. The same applies to shades of grey and pale taupe tones.  If in doubt, check with one of our  Interior Designers, Caitlin or Sarah-Jane for some friendly advice.

Look at the layout and placement of fittings in the existing bathroom: would the space be more functional and much easier to keep clean if these could be changed? A design and renovation company will guide you on changes to layout and which bathroom fittings would be best for ease of cleaning.

Size Matters

The size of a bathroom is important. If yours on the small side, a designer may be able to enlarge it by ‘stealing’ space from another part of your home. However, some design elements, such as a big mirror and carefully selected lighting that brightens the room will make the space feel larger.

Big Tiles Look Luxurious

Another way to give the illusion of spaciousness is to use large tiles for the walls and floor. This also cuts down how much grout you would be cleaning. Big tiles look luxurious, and even be more cost effective.

Large sized tiles; neutral paint; bright lighting; big mirror; wall mounted vanity sink and storage unit; against-the-wall toilet and bathtub; and a vanity counter top with a smooth, durable  finish add up to a classical, modern, clean bathroom.

To help you with your bathroom decisions, award winning bathroom company Smart Style Bathrooms has published a book titled The Three Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom. Download it now for free, and contact us to discuss your project.