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Having the right design for your small bathroom can bring the difference between a heavenly space and an otherwise awkward and cramped bathing room. 

Here are some facts about small bathroom renovations: 

  • Renovating a master bathroom in 2020 cost around $14,000.
  • Most homeowners renovate their bathrooms to stay updated with trends.
  • Bathroom layout is one of the common elements most homeowners change during bathroom renovations.
  • 83% of all bathroom remodels target increasing the shower size

In most cases, it can be challenging to renovate a small bathroom perfectly. However, with a bit of creativity, you can transform your small bathroom into a cosy sanctuary that you will be dying to come home to every day! Read on to learn some of the best bathroom renovations ideas. 

5 Best Bathroom Renovations Ideas

1.   Keep the Design Clean

If you put too much detail on small spaces, they appear cluttered. So, it is advisable to go for a clean and simple design

How do you keep your bathroom design clean?

Using large format tiles make the bathroom design appear clean and light. The tiles will ensure less visible grout lines and continuous colour. Such a design creates the impression of a more luxurious and large area. 

2.           Customize the Cabinets

Resizing your bathroom cabinetry is crucial in achieving the perfect design. Using custom cabinets can help you maximize the available space. In case you need extra storage, adding a few drawers around the plumbing will do. 

A clever way to space save even further would be to use medicine cabinets recessed inside the bathroom walls. After installation, such cabinets take the format of flat mirrors when you view them from the outside, but they allow you enough storage inside the wall.  

3.           Change Your Bathroom Fittings

The fittings you have in your bathroom can make or break its design. It is easy for your small bathroom to appear cramped if you have included a lot of clutter. Having the right fittings will reduce the clutter and ensure that there is a place for everything. 

Some fittings options to consider include hooks expertly placed behind the bathroom doors. These will be ideal for hanging your robes and towels. Make sure you only go for fittings that match the rest of your bathroom in size, style, and design; this way, you maintain the right proportion. 

4.           Pay Close Attention to Your Lighting

Having the proper lighting in your small bathroom will make it appear bigger. Change the arrangement of your lighting to create a well-lit environment. However, make sure that you don't overpower the bathroom.

Some creative lighting options to consider for small spaces include mounted ceiling lights and tape lights, especially under the cabinets, vanity lighting, or mirrors. Avoid pendant lighting that’s on the same level as your head or eyes.  The Team at Smart Style can offer you a host of ideas to help make that small space appear alot larger.

5.           Choose Your Bath Options Wisely

Taking a bath in a giant bathtub may be relaxing and pleasuring; however, you must make wise decisions on your bath choices when you are limited in space. 

If you are still sticking with the bathtub option, ensure that there is enough space around it for additional comfort when hoping in and also when cleaning around.

If space doesn't allow for a big freestanding bathtub, opt for wall bathtubs. You can as well install a shower where the space is extremely small. Talk to the Interior Designers at Smart Style Bathrooms, they have the knowledge and know how.

Final Thoughts

Having a small bathroom can be limiting when it comes to your design ideas. However, with a bit of creativity, you can make the most out of your small bathroom space. 

Not sure how to go about your small bathroom renovations? Get in touch with Smart Style Bathrooms for reliable and professional bathroom renovations that match your tastes and preferences.