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There are many reasons why you might want to renovate your bathroom. Some people renovate to update their decor and make their bathroom more beautiful and elegant, while others do so for more practical reasons. If you have older parents with reduced mobility, who are also fiercely independent, or perhaps you or someone you live with is disabled, you may consider renovating your bathroom for accessibility reasons. Smart Style Bathrooms is Perth’s number one bathroom renovator that provides accessible bathrooms that are beautifully designed for both practicality and style

In this post you’ll find all you need to know about how Smart Style Bathrooms can help you plan ahead, creating the perfect bathroom facility for your accessibility needs. 

Bathroom Safety Risks and Solutions

If you or someone you live with has reduced mobility, the bathroom can be a hazardous place. The hard surface of the tiled floor can cause injury if a person slips and falls, and with the added combination of water on these tiles, falling is more likely than in other parts of the house. 

Additionally, using the toilet without help from another person is often an important part of a person’s dignity as their abilities begin to decrease. Having an accessible toilet that is purpose built to suit the mobility needs of a person can help in this area. Lastly, bathing or showering is challenging if a person needs to step over the edge of a bathtub in order to access the running water. A walk-in shower can alleviate this requirement and make it much safer for a disabled or elderly person to bathe privately.

Smart Style Accessible Bathrooms

At Smart Style accessible bathrooms, you can access a consultation, at which one of the expert designers will talk through your bathroom requirements with you. Smart Style will fit your needs to the products and bathroom designs they have available, meaning that every bathroom is a bespoke room that caters to the very specifics of your family’s needs. Smart Style Bathrooms are rated one of the best bathroom renovators in Perth.

Why You Should Plan Ahead

You might be thinking, “Why should I renovate my bathroom now? I might not need an accessible bathroom for a few years.” This is a very normal question to ask. The answer is that, if you know you will need an accessible bathroom in future, it is much better to pre-empt this than to leave it until you are in desperate need. This way, you can have the peace of mind that the Smart Style accessible bathroom you choose will be waiting for you when you need it most. Preparing for the future allows you to get used to the new setup, and means that you will never have to worry about your bathroom accessibility again. Planning ahead is the safer, more responsible option.

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