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An old bathroom and toilet can be returned to ‘as new’ condition quickly and without fuss, if you don’t need to reposition the plumbing.

Discussing your ideas with a reliable bathroom renovation company such as Perth’s award winning Smart Style Bathrooms is essential for ensuring the results you want to achieve.

Smart Style offers an obligation-free interior design consultation which proceeds to where you can see a 3D image of the finished result.

Increases Property Value

A tired bathroom in service for more than 10 years will have hidden hygiene issues, which is one of the many  all important reason for renovation, aside from increasing the value of the property.

Working within the existing space, replacing items such as the toilet pan and cistern, sink and vanity, mirror taps, handles, flooring and paintwork, exhaust fan and lighting, will give you and your family what is in effect a pristine, new bathroom.

No-Touch Toilet-Flush

Sensor operated doors, taps, cisterns and showers are available today, and you may wish to include one or all of these in your new bathroom. Of all of the options available, a no-touch toilet flush and no-touch taps would be the most useful choices.

When replacing tiles, the best person for the job is a qualified, professional tiler who will ensure wet areas remain watertight. Make sure the person doing the work is a qualified, professional tiler, simply because you don’t want the waterproofing compromised.  Smart Style Bathrooms have all the relevant, fully trained workmen on hand.  There is no job too small, or large.

Mould Resistant Paint

Smart Style Bathrooms interior designer can advise on colour trends for bathroom walls. In most cases, keeping it light and bright and choosing a timeless, classic shade works well.  Mould resistant paint is available and best suited for the job, and is available in a wide range of colours.

Hygiene And Cleanliness

As bathrooms are such high traffic areas, they should be easy to keep hygienically clean, which means smooth surfaces are you best choice. You want to be able to achieve hospital grade cleanliness for the health of all who use the room.

If you decide on a new vanity and sinks, you may like to upgrade the mirror as well. The bigger the mirror the better; it will reflect light and make the room seem larger than it is. Choosing a vanity that offers storage will help keep the room tidy. Mirrored cabinets are another way to reduce the clutter.

Lighting can be kept simple, although you might want to consider reducing the use of switches with a no-touch sensor option.

The range of exhaust fans, available and if space permits, windows help keep your bathroom airy, and are important for hygiene as well as a health requirement.

Skilled Professionals

Aside from design, choosing the right company to do your renovation is a major decision. Smart Style Bathrooms offers important advantages. It does not have corporate overheads and its team of workers are experienced, qualified professionals whose skills have contributed to the many awards the company has won.

You will have your own site manager who will coordinate the tradespeople, make sure your job is up to standard code and completed to your satisfaction.

Give Smart Style Bathrooms a call, you’ll be surprised how easy and affordable it is to get started on that long awaited renovation.