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Here at Smart Style, we have been working in the home building industry niche of bathroom renovations for almost two decades. This experience has given us the chance to refine the renovation process to meet the unique needs of your home and lifestyle. We understand that each space is unique, boasts a distinctive light signature, and needs to meet specific requirements. 

That is why our team of selected expert designers employ all the latest technologies and systems when starting a bathroom renovation. Thanks to our tailored approach and process, Smart Style is today Perth's #1 bathroom renovators, with several HIA and KBDi awards under our belt. 

We understand that renovating a bathroom can be a substantial investment for any family, which makes finding the perfect renovator essential - discover our process below. 

Discover Your Space's Potential

It all starts with an initial consultation. During this important time, you will meet one of our designers and discuss what you would like your bathroom to look like. Aside from your preferred style, we will look into your lifestyle, needs, inspirations, and dislikes. 

Our designer will record the bathroom's measurements, so we can adjust the project to your unique space. Thanks to our 3D imaging system, today, you can visualize what your bathroom will look like after the renovation. This is an important step to decide whether certain features are suitable for your needs. 

Let's Re-design Your New Bathroom

With the guidance of our award-winning designers, you will start to create a unique style and design for your bathroom. Our designers will complete the puzzle by drawing a selection of products from our extensive range of materials and fixtures. 

Thanks to our in-home selection, you don't have to settle for furniture and materials as seen in the showroom. Indeed, our designers will inspect the bathroom, assess the space, and notice your home's style - all essential elements to create a bathroom that is functional and harmonious. 

One one of the greatest benefits of in-home selection is that it allows our designers to study the space's lighting. Indeed, your bathroom's light signature is unique and can significantly impact what colours and textures will look like. 

Once you are ready with what the finished room will look like, it is time to bring the elements into your bathroom's space.

Transparent Budgeting

Here at Smart Style Bathrooms, we understand that renovating your bathroom can represent a significant investment that you need to plan for. That is why, once you have approved the final design, we offer you accurate, honest, and realistic quotes that are not just an estimation! The amount you see is all you will need to pay. 

Upon the project's completion, you will also obtain written 10-year waterproofing, 6-year workmanship, and any installed products' warranties.

Your Bathroom Renovation

Once the design is approved, it is time for our experienced teams to start working on your bathroom. This phase of the process will start with a meeting between you and your supervisor. This meeting is essential to ensure that your renovation team is a good fit for you. 

During the renovation project, you can enjoy the peace of mind of a Workplace Health and Safety Certified workforce. You can also expect regular updates and communication with your team's supervisor. Don't hold back any question - our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to offer you guidance and help.

Become Part of Our VIPs

Once our teams have finished working on your bathroom, our supervisor will be the first one to inspect the room to ensure that the room meets the company's and industry's standards. After the bathroom is completed, you will enter our VIP list - which means that you will never find yourself without the help of Smart Style Bathrooms' expert designers.