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Are you frustrated with an inadequate bathroom that’s seen better days? Has the pandemic lock down exposed its flaws?

Is it time to renovate your main bathroom, or add another smaller bathroom?

If you are concerned about cost, take advantage of a free consultation with Smart Style Bathrooms, which renovates bathrooms, kitchens and laundries throughout the Perth area.  Discuss your ideas with a qualified designer and find out what is feasible within your budget.

Avoid Renovation Delays

The company’s owner, Cameron, is preparing for a rush on their services, as the COVID-19 lock down restrictions are being  lifted. To avoid being caught in a log jam, waiting for your renovation to get underway, call them now and set up a time for a consultation.

This award winning company is skilled at transforming tired old bathrooms into sparkling, easy to keep clean sanctuaries. And if you need a small extra bathroom, such as an ensuite, designers at Smart Style Bathrooms will be able identify where it can be placed. They say it is surprising how many houses have the space; it just takes a designer’s eye to see where it is.

The company streamlines the renovation using a team of police cleared professional tradespeople who are covered by public liability insurance and  WorkCover WA.

A supervisor is appointed to each bathroom renovation to ensure it goes ahead smoothly and within budget.

Future-Proof Your Bathroom

Bathrooms, kitchens and laundries are the engine rooms of the home. Each of these rooms needs to be a pleasant, safe space that functions efficiently, and each has a role to play in the hygiene of the home. Money spent on upgrading one or all of them usually results in an increase in the home’s overall value.

Using the services of Smart Style Bathrooms, it is possible to future-proof your bathroom and other wet areas against a second wave of COVID-19 and new pandemics.

No-Touch Taps

COVID-19 is pushing bathroom innovation ahead as more people take advantage of no-touch taps, lighting and doors. This is a consequence of findings by experts who see a high risk of further COVID-19 outbreaks when public toilets are allowed to re-open.

A professor of infectious disease and microbiology at the Australian National University, Peter Collignon, has noted that although COVID-19 is mainly transmitted via respiratory droplets, it can be caught from surfaces the hands touch, and can be carried in faeces. According to Prof. Collignon, “About 60 percent of patients show that.”

Infection Control

This is why there is heavy emphasis on washing hands correctly and using hand sanitiser when leaving the bathroom. And why he and other experts view changes to public bathroom design as being important protection against new pandemics.

They have identified “fundamental flaws” in public toilets and are calling for “infection control measures” to be incorporated in all future structures. Their suggestions include: use of “sensor taps, designing exits that don’t require human contact, and having bathroom attendants”.

Some of those innovations can be incorporated in private homes.

Visit to view the company’s gallery and access its free book titled, The 3 Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom.   Smart Style Bathrooms is family owned Western Australian company.