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You have decided to renovate the one bathroom in your home, and you are wondering how you will survive during the time it is off limits.

Well, for sure by now you have prowled the internet and discovered some useful advice.

Backyard DIY Ablutions Tent 

If you are inventive, you can buy a camping-style pop-up shower tent. Push a garden hose onto a laundry tap and attach it firmly with a hose connector. At the other end, push the hose into the opening at top of the tent, then attach a hand-held garden water sprayer to the end of the hose. Get the water temperature right and you can have a decent shower. While lathering, click the sprayer off: this will save water. While your toilet is out of action, invest in a portable camping toilet. 

Options available in camping supply stores are varied and include a ‘twin en suite’ shower room that could house a camping toilet. An electric flushable camping toilet is available. 

Another solution is to wash down in your laundry and rent a portable toilet, as seen on building sites.

Other ideas are: 

•  Join a gym or your local council’s leisure centre where you can use the change room facilities;

•  Ask your favourite neighbours if they would allow you to use their shower and they may also give you the green light to use their toilet; 

•  Move in with Mum and Dad, or adult offspring; and 

•  Take a mini-holiday – just a few days away might save you and your family’s sanity.

Portable Bathrooms and Toilets

For those of you living in and around Perth and Fremantle a bathroom renovation is nothing to stress about: portable bathrooms and toilets can be hired and set up in your garden. And anyone who signs a contract with Subiaco based Smart Style Bathrooms will be told precisely when to have these delivered. 

Smart Style Bathrooms coordinates its trades with precision to minimise disruption to the homeowner’s lifestyle. Good communication and teamwork keep the job flowing and on schedule. 

The CEO of Smart Style Bathrooms, Cameron Slater, has published a book titled Three Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom and How to Decide Which is Best for You. Go to the website to find out how to access your free copy.

Eight-step Guide

Another innovation of Smart Style Bathrooms is Cameron’s eight-step guide, which puts clients in the picture about what to expect during their renovation. 

Cameron also assigns a project supervisor, who keeps the client updated as to when electricity and water will be isolated and how long the home will be without full ablutions conveniences. The client then decides on whether portable ablutions equipment is needed, or if an alternative solution will suffice.

Renovating your bathroom need not make your life difficult: a well organised contractor will ensure you do not experience prolonged discomfort. It comes down to following a tried and tested plan.

Smart Style Bathrooms has steps it takes to ensure the renovation goes smoothly and results in a functional, pristine and inviting spa-like sanctuary.

Smart Style Bathrooms transforms bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and powder rooms in Perth and Fremantle, and surrounding areas. All trades are qualified and handpicked for their skills. The company carries Work Cover and Public Liability insurances and offers a money-back guarantee. Give Smart Style a call and see  how you can survive your next bathroom renovation.