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How it Works!

Homeowners who have decided to remodel a bathroom, powder room, laundry or kitchen, want to know how it works and to be sure their project is completed on time, on budget.

Homeowners also need to feel confident that the renovation company they’ve chosen has the experience to move their project forward smoothly, in a well organised manner.

The renovation company giving its clients these advantages, and more, is Perth’s Most Popular Home Improvement Specialists for 2019, Smart Style Bathrooms.

When owner Cameron Slater launched the company, he set up an eight-step process that ensures all projects move forward efficiently. Clients know exactly what is going to happen and when. As far as Cameron is aware, no other bathroom renovation company in WA has prepared a written, easy to follow plan that clients can refer to before and during the remodeling process.

Multi Award Winning Company

Cameron and his team of qualified interior designers and tradies have several years of experience in working together, completing projects on time and on budget, while delivering bathrooms, laundries, powder rooms and kitchens to the highest standards. The dedication is paying off and Smart Style Bathrooms is now a multi award winning renovation company.

The process begins with an in-home consultation with one of Smart Style’s qualified and experienced interior designers. During the consultation, the interior designer takes measurements and photos of the room to be remodeled. Next, the interior designer and client discuss their ideas for the space. In collaboration, an initial layout and a décor style are decided. A selection of products in keeping with the client’s budget can then be viewed on the interior designer’s laptop.

See Your Bathroom In 3D

At this point, the plan devised at the first consultation is not set in stone. There will be a further opportunity to make changes to specifications and to alter choices.

When refining the plan, a 3D model is provided to show the client in precise detail what the remodeled room will look like upon completion. The layout, materials and appliances can at this stage be altered.

With decisions finalised, arrangements can be made to start the work. The client is assigned a project supervisor, who becomes their ‘guardian angel’ for all events that occur during the remodeling activities.

From Old And Tired To Spa-Like

In Perth and the surrounding suburbs within our city there are many different architectural styles. The interior designers at Smart Style Bathrooms and renovations are adept at helping clients honour the architecture in their renovations. From Federation to Modern, they have produced stunning, stylish bathrooms re-modelled to stand up to a lifetime of wear and tear.

Smart Style Bathrooms and renovations is successfully giving new life to tired old bathrooms with a minimum of fuss. A small tired old bathroom can become pristine again with a minimum of fuss. Large, family size bathrooms can be transformed into inviting, glamorous spa-like spaces.

The best indication of what will happen when you start a renovation is a contractor’s track record. Smart Style Bathrooms and renovations has the awards that prove it is the right company for your project.

To learn about this vibrant company, visit click here or call the office, phone 1300 789 538.