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The three key words most homeowners think of when having their bathroom renovated are budget, function and style.

Missing is the most important word: safety, yet future-proofing your bathroom for your safety is a responsible move.

An insight to Areas of Risk

At Smart Style Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on ensuring all our renovations are met with stringent safety standards, that includes things like lighting and access.  Its crucial for ensuring safety in bathrooms. Without well planned lighting all efforts to increase the safety of your bathroom will be in vain.

Another area of concern is the shower recess. Glass doors have been the cause of fatalities when someone has stumbled in the shower, or leaned on them for support. They are not designed for this purpose.

A smart renovation that re-configures the position of the shower recess may make a shower door unnecessary.

Adding Grab Rails

Within the shower recess, a product niche improves functionality. For safety, consider the addition of grab rails. They are not just ‘for the elderly’, and may one day save a life or avoid a nasty accident.

If a toilet is in the bathroom, fitting a grab rail beside it can be helpful for all the family.

Often seen these days, are toilet suites that are too low. A taller or easy height toilet is an easy improvement and well worth the outlay.

High-walled bathtubs are notorious for causing falls. Talk to the friendly design staff at Smart Style about suggestions, such as replacing it with a spacious shower recess.  However,  if your bathtub is non-negotiable, adding a grab rail in an appropriate position would increase its safety.

Anti-Slip Surfaces

The team at Smart Style have various different options for you to consider for your specific needs.  Another suggestion may be the Australian-made non-slip coatings can end the need for plastic mats in the bottom of your shower recess or bathtub.

Additionally, bathroom floors get wet so talking to Smart Style about anti-slip flooring, is another way of adding the safety factor.  Some porcelain and ceramic tiles can be slippery; you could consider small format tiles or non-slip floor tiles which have a slip resistant rating. The interior design team at Smart Style will be able to advise you on what best suits your needs and safety requirements.

Slip-Resistant, Wet or Dry

Aside from tiles, vinyl flooring is durable option and a breeze to keep clean.

In a bathroom you will need to specify high performance slip-resistant vinyl flooring. Make sure what you choose is slip-resistant when wet or dry for all users, whether they are wearing footwear or are barefooted. Styles are varied and may include the timber floor look. At Smart Style Bathrooms the choices of flooring are endless.  Its interesting to note medical facilities often use commercial grade vinyl flooring as it is easy to maintain – and more importantly sanitise.

In the wrong hands, a bathroom renovation could end up being a death trap.  Talk to the team at Smart Style, their expertise and professional team stands out from the crowd, with their award winning interior designer, Caitlin.  Smart Style employs qualified, experienced and insured tradespeople, and provides a money-back guarantee.

Working within your budget and in keeping with the style of your home, Smart Style Bathrooms will help you plan for a safer, more functional and easy to clean bathroom that will withstand the rigours of daily use for years to come.

Smart Style Bathroom achieves high quality finishes that increase a home’s value and provides a money-back guarantee. To view its gallery, visit the showroom and download the free renovation guide