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Creating a stylish bathroom that hits all the main on-trend designs requires you to be knowledgeable on what’s the most desired design trends of the moment. Design is made up of many factors, it’s not just aesthetics, but it’s about knowing where to best place items within a room, how to create a cohesive style, how to mix textures and patterns in a manner that compliments one another and how to tailor the room to a specific person’s style.

That’s where our Interior Designers at Smart Style Bathrooms can help you. By selecting Smart Style’s outstanding team for your bathroom renovation, one of Interior Designers will begin working with you to create a unique look that’s just right for you.

To find out what style suits you, there are many design outlets that you can turn too like Pinterest, Instagram and design magazines like Vogue living. All these resources are fantastic in helping you develop what style you want in your bathroom, but executing these stylistic elements can at times be quite challenging. So start by saving, cutting and collecting images of all those bathrooms that you love and would want to incorporate in your bathroom renovation.

Then, our Interior Designers will use your images that you have collected along the way and aim to take the elements of style you like and create a space that’s timeless and tailored to you and your home. This means you get to be involved in all the fun areas of design while we take care of the areas you may not think of.

How does this process work? Well it’s quite easy, as we provide an in-home design consultation.

Coming to your home isn’t only convenient for you but also gives us the opportunity to get a feel of your home and what will work to suit your lifestyle. It also helps you visualise where things go, what colours will work in your home. This saves you the hassle of driving around Perth to one or multiple showrooms which can be a daunting and an overwhelming experience.

There is simply no better way to plan your new bathroom then to have it designed by an Interior Designer during our in-home consultation.