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A vanity, can be such an important piece within your bathroom. Being a functional piece of furniture means it is worth putting some thought and energy into designing it. There are many elements that make up a vanity, including: the top, the basin, the handles, the number of draws, and cupboards. But just because something is functional doesn’t mean it can’t make a statement, and for many bathrooms the vanity is in fact the focal point.

When sitting down to decide what kind of vanity you want it’s important to consider a few different details. You need to think about the style of bathroom you’re going for, whether you want something bold or whether you want something subtle that compliments the rest of your fittings and fixtures. Let’s take these elements and break it down.


Once you’ve decided what kind of impact you want from your vanity, you can decide on what kind of Basin best fits. The 2 most common styles of basins are the under-mount basin (featured above) and above top basin (featured below). If you decide that an above top basin is the perfect fit for you, then you can make that the feature of your vanity, pairing it with a wall basin mixer creating a very modern styled bathroom. However, if an under-mount basin seems to be a better fit then you have an opportunity to really make a statement with the top you decide on. We all love functionality that makes our lives easier, an under-mount basin also has the added bonus of being easy to clean!


The benchtop is an element that your eye gravitates towards first and you can really draw attention to your vanity with a bold top. Playing around with the thickness, the texture, the material and the colour help form a concrete design. Recently bathrooms have seen wood and concrete surfacing as a popular look/material to use creating an industrial feel. However, marble is always a classic clean look that has been popular for years and will stay in style for years to come.

Doors and Draws:

Now this decision can be an easy one if at this point you’ve decided on the overall style of your vanity, whether it be Hamptons, Modern, Industrial, or classic. The style will decide on the shape, the contouring and the handle on the door. A decision made easy!

If you want to mix and match different styles, want to know the best materials for your home, need more knowledge on how to make your vanity fit perfectly then that’s what our interior designers are for. We will help you nut out the hard stuff, narrow down decisions and design something with you that’s exactly what you want. After that it’s just about accessorising your master piece. Candles, towels, soap dishes and perfume and a few handy accessories to dress up your vanity.