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A small, functional bathroom addition or upgrade offers lifestyle benefits that far outweigh the cost.

Now is the right time for going ahead with this important addition because an extra bathroom, small or large, will be healthy for your family’s well being, and should add about five percent value to your home.

A breeze to keep clean

Whether you are looking at basic fittings or want something more glamorous, today’s bathrooms provide more functionality than those of the past; and they are a breeze to keep clean. Using quality fittings which stand the test of time, even if you are on a tight budget.  The team at Smartstyle Bathrooms can walk you through their process to help you decide what you want, have a browse through the Gallery to give you ideas.

A new or renovated bathroom requires electricity, ventilation and plumbing, as well as tiling, plastering and some cabinetry work. That’s most of the trades involved in new building construction.

An ensuite bathroom attached to a master bedroom usually has a shower recess, vanity, basin, mirror, toilet suite, and a power point. This small room puts an end to the frustration of waiting your turn while another family member clogs up the works, which over time proves to be a priceless result.

How much space do you need for that second bathroom?

If you are considering an ensuite, talk to the experts at Smart Style Bathrooms, they would be able to give you an idea of how much space you’ll need.  You would be able to fit a functional small ensuite into an area that is a minimum of two metre wide by eight to nine metres deep.

Homeowners who want a second or third bathroom but have not worked out where it would fit may be surprised to know there are often several areas in a home where a new bathroom can be built. In consultation with a professional bathroom designer, such as Smart Style, the perfect location will be found.

Ideally,when you visit Smart Style Bathrooms they will be able to offer you a realistic three dimensional (3D) design.  This allows you to make any adjustments with our designer before the project gets underway.

Spoilt for choice with colours!

Do you like the idea of making your small bathroom a soothing sanctuary?  Then light colours will encourage relaxation.  Colours such as shades of blue, green, white, grey with timber. Surfaces that are smooth and sleek are soothing.  Have a chat with the team at Smart Style Bathrooms to help you navigate your way through the colour maze.

Powder rooms adds a bit of class

Have  you thought about a powder room?  These features adds a bit class to your home and only needs approximately one metre by five to six metres in which to fit a small vanity basin and toilet suite.

Aside from allowing your visitors to stay out of your private spaces, a powder room can ease the rush hour as an extra ‘loo’ and hand-washing area. With a mirror and an extra powerpoint, the powder room can be used for hair and make-up,  or dad’s shave!

Once you add a powder room and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

At Smart Style Bathrooms, our award winning designer Caitlin Slater, is one of the authors of a book titled The Three Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom. It is free to download and will help you decide which of the three ways would be best for your home and family. Or contact Smart Style at their office in in West Leederville on 1300 789 538 for an appointment, have a friendly chat and discuss your project.

Smart Style Bathrooms offers a fixed price contract and a money-back guarantee.  Give Smart Style a call.