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You’ve signed a contract to have your bathroom renovated and now you’re wondering who is going to turn up to get the work underway.

If you have entrusted Perth’s award-winning bathroom renovator, Smart Style Bathrooms, to do your renovation, this question will not arise. Your contract supervisor will meet you at your home and go over details of the renovation from day one to handover. If you have not yet done so, this is the right time to download your free What’s it like to renovate guide as your reference during the meeting and throughout the project.

In addition to coordinating the trades, your supervisor will:

Translate your inquiries or requests into ‘trade language’ to ensure clarity of intention between you and the trades doing the work;

Inspect work during and after completion to ensure you are 100 percent satisfied with the result;

Manage any unexpected issues with the professional trades involved; and

Ensure you feel comfortable with the various trades, enabling you to ask any questions that might occur to you during the build.

Preparing for the first day

The supervisor will have a plan and timeline for coordinating the order of works.

On the first day, the electricity to your bathroom will be isolated and the water will be turned off before demolition starts. If you have a gas water heater, it too will be isolated.

Fixtures, fittings, walls, flooring, and ceiling sheets will then be removed, and the team will ensure wall support structures are plumb square. When this is assured, your electrical and plumbing lines will be placed in readiness for waterproofing.

 Waterproofing and tiling

After water proofing, flooring and walls will be completed before painting and tiling begin.

When the tiling is finished, your bath, vanity, sink, toilet pedestal and cistern can be installed, and lighting fittings connected.

Some final carpentry may be needed for door or window architraves and installing soap dishes, towel rails, toilet holder and mirror.

Painting those areas that are not tiled follows. Special wet area paint that is easy to wipe down and contains mould inhibitor will be used.

 Warranties provided at handover

Before handover, your supervisor will do a final inspection. It satisfied that the work meets Smart Style Bathrooms’ high standards, you will be presented with written warranties for waterproofing and workmanship. Manufacturers’ product warranties are supported in Smart Style Bathrooms labour warranty.

Upon completion, you are placed on a VIP list and any follow up questions you may have will be welcome. If you are considering future renovations, the trustworthy team at Smart Style Bathroom will provide guidance and a quote for the work.

Safe, customised bathrooms

The company employs qualified carpenters, electricians, plumbers, interior designers, painters, gyprock experts and tilers whose superior skills are proven. Led by managing director Cameron Slater and his interior designer wife, Caitlin, this team has won several industry awards, including a recent award from design forum Houzz Australia. However, delivering safe, customised bathrooms designed around a client’s needs and lifestyle remain the team’s major focus.

Call Smart Style Bathrooms to set up a free consultation with a qualified interior designer and a free 3D Preview at your home. The company is based at Suite 5/531 Hay Street, Subiaco.