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The team at Smart Style have been inundated with clients wanting to plan and prepare now, ready to renovate as summer approaches.  One such client has an older style home, Federation home.  Western Australia’s Federation homes (circa 1910) are British architecture from a time when rooms were small, kitchens were closed off and bathrooms were rudimentary.

Federation home owners in Perth who are planning to renovate in the future would be wise to act quickly and prioritise an ensuite renovation.  As a first step in a renovation, adding an ensuite immediately eases pressure on the ‘main’ bathroom, making life in a home under renovation tolerable.

Rush on Renovations Expected

If you recently decided to add an ensuite to your home, contact Smart Style Bathrooms, as they are a  reputable award winning bathroom renovation company.  Take advantage now of their current free online consultations.

A rush on bathroom renovations is expected when COVID-19 restrictions ease. Those who’ve taken up the offer of Smart Style Bathrooms’online consultation will be at the front of the queue.

Small rooms and one main bathroom are what you expect when you step inside a older style home, now you can transform your home and enjoy a second bathroom.

Building an Extra Bathroom

The best aspects of older homes can be preserved while interiors can be altered in keeping with modern living.

A drawback is that they tend to have just one bathroom. Building a small ensuite off the master bedroom is the answer. As far as possible it should express an old world touch.

The more floor area that is visible the bigger the ensuite will feel. For this reason a designer may opt for a vanity that is wall mounted.  Speak to our award wining interior designer, who can advise bringing in the new and blending with the old.  A touch of modern trend, forming  a link to the home’s heritage.

Reproduction Federation era tiles can look stunning, but may be overwhelming if placed en masse in a small space. Combining a small number of them with large format neutral tiles will solve this problem. If large format tiles are used on a floor, ensure you ask for textured and non-slip.

Light and Ventilation

Our  designer will help find the right lighting such as a mirrored bathroom cabinet over the vanity. A touch of brass in each of these fittings will hint at the Federation era.

Natural light makes any space seem larger. If a small window already exists, our designer may find a way to increase its size. Another approach is to install a skylight or open up part of a wall to create a new window.

Free Online Consultation

An ensuite in your classic older style home can be a  real gem, a sanctuary from the rest of the household,  that will serve you well for many years to come.  Give Smart Style Bathrooms a call to discuss your needs now and beat the summer renovation rush!