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When you think of Australia, the names that may come to mind are Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, or Brisbane. Well, Australia has more to offer. One area rarely spoken about is the city of Perth on the western coast. Also known as the Sunniest city of Australia, it is a hidden gem with glorious beaches, amazing sunsets, green spaces, and an incredible dining experience.

Perth ranks in the top 10 of the most livable, friendly, and attractive cities in the world. The splendid capital city of Western Australia is modern and vibrant, boasting of a desirable lifestyle.

The region is one of the most significant mining locations in Australia, opening doors for its economic prosperity. With its proximity to Asia, there is a great opportunity for growth in tourism, hospitality, energy, agriculture, education, mining, and food.

If you intend to enjoy something more than sunshine from the Australian capital cities, here are some reasons you should move to Perth.

Diverse Neighborhoods

Perth has a diverse neighborhood that is multicultural. A huge number of the population comprises migrants. It is further surrounded by the Fremantle neighborhood that features plenty of historic buildings that have been in place since the beginning of the city.

You can also find some of the finest homes in areas like Applecross and Bicton. Some areas like Subiaco and Northridge are great places to find a younger crowd.

Affordable Housing

You cannot compare the house prices in Perth and those in cities like Sydney or Melbourne. The houses in Perth are spread out over an area of 3100 square miles. Many of them come with a sizable garden.

You can find apartments the closer you get to the central business district (CBD). The city has over 300 suburbs you can choose to rent. You may need to find a place to settle down when you arrive before you can find a suitable home that meets your needs.

Great Climate

Perth has the best weather in Australia. Most of the time it is covered by sunshine. The heat may slightly increase in summer, but cool sea breezes in the afternoon make it comfortable. The wettest month is June with rains of about 140mm and the coldest month is July with temperatures dropping not more than 13 degrees Celsius.

Thriving Job Market

The great city of Perth is amid recent developments and expansions because of the rapidly growing industries. These recent developments provide a great opportunity for investors to open more doors for economic growth. As a result, there are plenty of job opportunities for a skilled and productive workforce.

Some industries that are creating jobs include the tourism and hospitality industry, agriculture, energy, education, and mining. The economic climate of the city helps to create world-class opportunities that you may not find elsewhere.

Summing Up

Perth is the most isolated city in the world with the nearest city, Adelaide, being 1307 miles away. Still, it has attracted several visitors who intend to enjoy everything the attractive city offers.

If you are looking for a location to begin a new lease of life or enjoy your retirement years, then you should consider moving down to Perth.What is in your mind?