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The shower is the first thing you get into when you wake up each day or it’s the last thing you do to wash off the end of your day. So why not make it an enjoyable, relaxing and tranquil experience. We have an amazing selection of showers to choose from, so you can enjoy an experience that feels and looks great every day. This can be a rail shower, ceiling or fixed wall outlet, either way we have many styles for you to select. Choose from a rail shower that comes with a detachable handset, which is practicable and can suit a family shower all at different heights. The rail shower is also adjustable so it can move easily up and down the rail. Or consider a twin or dual shower system that allows you to switch between a fixed overhead and the hand held shower. These shower systems are great as it gives you the best of both worlds, a practicable hand shower and also a luxurious overhead rain or massage shower.

A fixed wall shower can ensure you get the same experience every time. This contemporary design meets practicality and it comes in many shapes and sizes to give you that stylish and well-designed shower. The other option to choose a ceiling mounted shower which can take your shower to the next level. These showers offer a luxurious and space saving shower experience

So click and browse through our range of showers to help guide you through your next renovation.