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The Vivid Slimline Rail shower is a stylish and popular rail shower. This rail shower is very functional and is a very versatile shower for any bathroom. It has a detachable hand shower on an easy clean hose which can be used effortlessly. The rail shower can move easily up and down along the rail to ensure you can have your shower at the perfect height every time.

The Vivid Slimline Rail shower also comes as a Vivid Slimline Twin Shower and a Vivid Slimline Compact Twin Shower. The twin showers have a round overhead shower and then it has a sharp bend down the rail to the hand shower. There is also a diverter on the twin shower which allows it to be interchanged between the overhead and hand shower. This provides the convenience of a combined overhead shower as well as the hand shower. The Vivid Slimline Compact Twin Shower is similar to the twin shower however it doesn’t have the rail and the overhead shower and hand shower is fixed to the wall. This compact design is a compacted version of the twin shower and is suitable for those small shower spaces.

The Vivid Rail Shower, Twin Shower and Compact Twin Shower comes with a WELS Rating of 3 Stars and has an 8 Litre per min water pressure for the Twin Rail shower, 7.5 Litre per min water pressure for the Compact Twin shower and 6.5 Litre per min water pressure. It also comes in a chrome finish that will suit any modern interior.

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