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The Vivid Slimline Flush Mount Shower is a very contemporary take on showers and is ideal for the renovator looking for that mix of modern design with a subtle splash of something a little more unique in their bathroom.

Although it will only take up a small amount of space, it will leave a big impression on all who use this shower. The overhead Vivid Slimline Flush Mount Shower is elegant and practical with a lovely flow of water appearing to drop directly from the ceiling. Its clean face plate generously measures 314mm in diameter, and is also available in a square rose design.

The rose is solidly made from stainless steel with a chrome plate finish and will look stunning in any new bathroom, especially if you’re after a minimalist result. Like many of our high-quality showers, the Vivid Slimline Flush Mount Shower is an economical choice. It has a three-start Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS), with 7.5 litres per minute soothingly dropping down over you.

This flush to the ceiling shower can help you create a calming bathroom sanctuary, which you will be eager to return to morning and night, even providing an outdoor feel for taking a shower.

You could consider teaming the Vivid Slimline Flush Mount Shower with the clean lines of other products in our sleek ‘Vivid’ range such as accessories or tapware or counterbalance it against a classic freestanding bath and above counter basin. Whatever your taste, including this shower in your new bathroom will add a sense of luxury that in the past has been reserved for holiday destinations. Why not bring that holiday feel into your home by enclosing it with glass screens if you like feeling slightly snug or, if you prefer more freedom, open up your shower with wall-to-ceiling tiles and set it along a wall with clerestory windows that let in lots of natural light.

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