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The Vivid shower arm and rose has a very organic, soft look to it and the design was inspired by a contemporary look and that offers premium functionality. The Vivid shower arm and rose comes in a variety of options and are available in a quality chrome, matte black, gun metal and brushed nickel finish.

The different fixed wall shower options ensure you can find the perfect experience for your shower needs. These contemporary designs meets practicality and it comes in many shapes and sizes to give you that stylish and well designed shower. The first choice is the vivid fixed wall shower has the arm that comes straight out of the wall and then has a curve down to the round rose. The next option is the shower arm that curves straight upwards and then has a bend down to the round rose or instead it just curves straight out to the shower rose. All options are stylish, elegant and contemporary depending on what shower suits your style.

The other option to choose the Vivid ceiling mounted shower which can take your shower to the next level. These showers offer a luxurious and space saving shower experience.

There is also the option of having different sized shower roses as the shower arm attachment and the shower roses come in either 230mm, 240mm or 250mm sizes. The Vivid shower arm and rose is an essential item for your bathroom. It’s beautifully designed and ideal to suit many styles of bathrooms. Whichever version of the Vivid shower arm and rose you decide on we know you’ll be happy with its organic, elegant design and it will be the finishing touch that will make for the perfect fitting to complete your next renovation.

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