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The Radii Towel Rail is a sharp design that we’ve seen go well in so many different bathrooms. There is a huge range of Radii towel rail options that you can choose from. The first is the 600mm or 800mm in length that come as a single towel rail. You can pair two together if you’re after more room or else you can place them side by side, but if you’re space conscious then you can have one above the other. If a single towel rail isn’t enough for your bathroom but you like the look of the Radii, then choose from their selection of double towel rails. These towel rails also come in either the 600mm or 800mm double towel rails. There’s a 60mm gap between the two rails to make it easy for you to slip your towels on and off.

The next option is that you can then choose between a square backing plate or a round backing plate. This decision can be decided on by determining what style you’re going for. For a more modern look choose the square plate, and for a more traditional look there’s the round backing plate. Its now so easy to match your towel rails to your tapware.

The Radii towel rails also come in a variety of colour palettes. The Radii towel rails come in a chrome finish and is also available in the matte black, gun metal, brushed nickel and also brushed gold finishes.

The Radii is a great choice if you like the on trend things at the moment, and you can be assured that even though it’s in now, it won’t outdate. Its a versatile towel rail in many shapes, sizes and colours that it’s become one of our favourite styles and you’ll love having it in your new sanctuary.

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