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The Radii Robe hook makes for great final touch in your bathroom. The Radii Robe hook comes in two different styles, round and square. If you’re hoping to renovate your bathroom keeping in with traditional, classic and softer look then the Radii Round plate will compliment your style. The round plate flushes up against the wall has a well-designed round surface. However, if Modern or Industrial is more your style then the square plate with the circular hook may more suit your style.

Not only does the Radii Robe hook come in two different styles, but it also comes in 4 different colour palettes. These are the classic chrome finish, brushed nickel which has a warmth and texture. The popular matte black soft finish and the shiny gun metal grey finishes.

This robe hook not only hits all the design trends with the variety of colours and shapes but it is also practical in its design. It has been created to withstand a variety of hand towels sizes and will ensure that it stays where it should be when you hang it up.

Finishing of a bathroom renovation can come down to all the small details that turn it from a basic space to the perfect sanctuary for you and your home. Whether it’s just one placed on the wall next to your vanity or using it to hang your bath towels or robes, we know you’ll be very happy with the Radii robe hook in your bathroom or ensuite.

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