Newbury Rectangle Bath

Newbury Rectangle Bath



The Newbury Rectangle bath has a modern edgy design and the rectangular shape makes it great for those of you wanting a modern bathroom but are also after practicality for your lifestyle at home. If you have young children and bath time is the busiest part of your day, then the Newbury bath is a perfect fit for your home. Not only will it make bath time with your children easier and more enjoyable, it will also serve as a relaxing bath for you at the end of your day.

The Newbury bath comes in an array of sizes including the 1525mm in length by 760mm width and 468mm height. The next size up is the 1675mm in length by 760mm width and 478mm height. The largest bath size is the 1800mm in length by 850mm width and 468mm height. The Newbury baths also come with the option to have it a standard or as an Island bath. The standard Newbury bath means that it can sit flush against a wall and is also suitable as a shower-bath configuration. Whereas the island baths have the bath edge sitting off the wall, meaning that it’s great for surrounding yourself with candles or toys.

The Newbury Rectangle Bath is made from an acrylic material that gives it the glossy finish. Along with the smooth finish acrylic is it easy to keep clean. The variety of sizes that the Newbury comes in enables you to still enjoy luxury without impacting on the space of your bathroom.