Modena Rectangle Bath

Modena Rectangle Bath




The Modena Rectangle Bath has been carefully designed to suit the shower bath configuration, baths for a family home, or just a bath to relax in after a hard day’s work. The Modena is deeper and wider than many traditional baths and the structure is reinforced with a timber and fibreglass coating meaning that it’s sturdier and more durable. One of its best features is the slip resistant pattern that’s coated on the floor of the bath, making it safer to get in and out of. This makes it great for those of you working in a small space and don’t want to choose between a shower or bath, then with the Modena you can have both. The Modena has a specially designed lip around the bath allowing for enough room to have a shower screen sit comfortably on top.

However, the Modena Rectangle bath isn’t only for shower baths. Its classic shape and simplistic lines means it goes well in bathrooms that are after a modern or contemporary look. Its white gloss finish means that it’s suitable for many styles. The finish also means it’s easy to keep clean.

The Modena comes in various sizes too. The smallest is 1205mm length by 815mm width and 425mm height. The next is 1510mm length by 815mm width and 445mm height, and then 1650mm length by 815mm width and 510mm height. The largest size is 1790mm in length by 815mm by 815mm width and 510mm height.

The Modena rectangle baths versatility, generous size, simple design and durability makes it a great choice for your bathroom. We love how well it serves in our client’s bathrooms and we are confident that it too will serve you well in your home.

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