Mode Wall Basin

Mode Wall Basin




If you are struggling to find a suitable basin and cabinet for your new powder room because of the confined renovating space, you will be able to relax with this rare space-saving, deep bowl design we’ve found for you.

The Mode Small Wall Mounted Basin is best matched with the Edo Wall Hung Cabinet and will give you the storage you desire for your powder room without having to compromise on doing away with hopes of cabinet space altogether.

The Mode Small Wall Mounted Basin only extends 255mm away from the wall and 460mm along the wall. Its bowl sits to the left of the single taphole, and, although it is a snug little basin, there is still a little room for you to place your soap dispenser and other powder room essentials. Other necessities such as towels and toilet rolls can be tucked away inside the Edo Wall Hung Cabinet, which has one door and measures a height of 310mm, a width of 447mm and depth of 254mm.

Great news if your powder room receives plenty of sunlight throughout the day as the China-made cabinet features an ‘active shield’ UV protection to hold its whiteness for the term of its life.

With a match made in a petite powder room heaven like this, there will also be remaining room underneath for you to keep such things as waste baskets and/or weight scales.

With the Mode Small Wall Mounted Basin above the Edo Wall Hung Cabinet, your once perceived small powder room may just start to open up new possibilities and design ideas for a space that is sure to get a sizeable amount of use. Before you begin to think there is only one layout for your powder room and only shallow basin options, this may be the key to having it all.

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