Liano Nexus Basin

Liano Nexus Basin



The Liano Nexus Wall Basin design focuses on sharp lines and a square finish. It mimics the Architectural minimalist style which is very on trend. The Liano Nexus Wall Basin is available in an array of configurations and sizes that will suit many contemporary modern bathrooms.

The following list includes the options for the Liano Nexus Basin:

  • The 750mm x 450mm wall mounted basin comes in either left or right hand shelves;
  • The 600mm x 450mm wall mounted basin comes with a right hand side shelf;
  • The 450mm x 400mm wall mounted basin; and
  • It also comes as a 450mm x 400mm inset basin.

The Liano Nexus Basin not only provides a basin but some designs also comes with an integrated left or right hand shelf making it perfect for powder rooms that don’t need as much storage or bathrooms that require home modification bathrooms that require easy access to the basin. It also allows for some beautiful accessorising, whether that be a pendant light or displaying a feature mirror above. This minimalist design gives you the option of exploring different ways to style your space.

We love seeing basins become a key feature of a bathroom and the Liano Nexus Wall Basin is perfect for that. It’s simple, clean, sharp and has a beautiful texture that really makes it stand out from other basins. If a unique look is what you’re after then the Liano Nexus Basin would be a fantastic choice with complementing fixtures and fittings chosen its style it will be functional within your space.

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