Lexi Shower Arm & Rose

Lexi Shower Arm & Rose



The Lexi Shower Arm and Rose has proven to be our most popular choice in the square range for showers.

The Australian designed shower is made from solid brass with a quality chrome finish, ensuring it will not just last but remain in top condition throughout its lifetime.

The Lexi Shower Arm stretches 388mm from your shower wall, providing a drop of 110mm from the Arm to the Rose, which is a 200mm square. Together, this option is ideal to modernise any shower for an invigorating experience. You can be content soaking in its rainlike flow of water, with a pressure rating between 150 and 500kPa and temperature rating between one and 75 degrees Celsius, knowing it also has one of the highest Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) ratings for a shower head – 3 stars pouring out 7.5 litres per minute.

We understand how important it is in choosing the perfect shower head as it can be what refreshes you first thing each morning, preparing you for the day ahead, or the therapeutic cleanse you need at the end of a hard day’s work. The Lexi Shower Arm and Rose has been created to rejuvenate and completely saturate all shapes and sizes. It’s large water flow surface area could easily work well for showering the children at the same, being another great water-saving technique, without them fighting for room underneath the shower head.

The Lexi Shower Arm’s length could also be fitted into larger shower areas but it will depend on what you complement it with that will set your showering mood. You can choose light, natural tiles to emphasise a brighter bathroom or large darker stone for a more dramatic and luxurious effect to emanate from behind your glass shower screen. See our online gallery for design inspiration.

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