Heated Towel Ladder

Heated Towel Ladder



A heated towel ladder is the perfect addition to your bathroom. They can be put on a timer and can then be set to heat your towel up ready for when you’re most active in the bathroom. These towel ladders can either be plugged in, or hard wired so no cable is visible. They also come in either bottom left or right power outlet and can be inverted so that the cable exits from the top if required. These heated towel ladders are made of 304 grade stainless steel so when know they are a quality addition to any bathroom.

There is a wide range of different sized towel ladders and colours to choose from as they come in a variety of widths and heights.

  •  600mm width by 800mm height and has 5 heated bars.
  • 600mm width by 1100mm height and has 10 heated bars.
  • 430mm width by 1100mm height and has 10 heated bars for those narrow bathrooms.
  • 950mm width by 600mm height and has 4 heated bars if you have the space.

Our range of heated towel ladders are available in either a square of round finish. There is also a variety of finishes to choose from and include the chrome mirrored finish, the chrome satin and the matte black. So you are able to match the colour of your tapware to the towel ladder for that perfect finish.

If you’re not looking for a ladder style heated towel rail, then there is also the option for single heated towel bars. These are a great alternative if you have little space as they are secured to the wall and come in various lengths, colours and finishes.

Heated towel ladders are a small way you can turn your bathroom into something a little more luxurious, not only that, it’s great for those cold winter mornings.

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