Evok Oval Bath

Evok Oval Bath




The Evok Oval Bath is an insert bath that when installed, is surrounded by a tiled hob. This bath has a very organic oval shape that is crafted from high-quality acrylic material. It has a beautiful silky finish and is comfortable to enjoy a soak and the acrylic also gives you the added bonus of an easy clean. For those of you that are after a bath for purely practical reasons, possibly for a family, then the Evok Oval Bath would be a wonderful fit in your home. We feel that it ticks all the boxes for practicality without you having to install something that doesn’t fit in with your taste. The hob that the bath sits in isn’t purely for construction reasons but can also be a practical place for you to either keep your products, or the perfect little space for a bit of styling in your bathroom.

The Evok Oval bath is very versatile and is suitable for most styles in a bathroom. It’s installed with and overfill drain and also a chrome pop up plug. The Evok Oval bath also comes with the option of having it as a spa bath. So if you’re after a bath that will add to your spa like sanctuary, then the Evok Spa Bath would be a perfect choice. Not only that, but you can increase your relaxation by turning on the spa jets.

We love that the Evok Oval bath is the perfect fit for families whilst still being able to deliver the spa like sanctuary feel and designer style.

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