Eiffel Freestanding Bath

Eiffel Freestanding Bath



The Eiffel freestanding bath is a statement piece, it exudes luxury and is a masterpiece in design. The deep cast iron centre is surrounded by a black shell lined with industrial trimming. Not only is it visually impacting but it’s also designed for comfort and practicality. If you’re looking to create a unique bathroom with a design aesthetic that stands out from most, then the Eiffel freestanding bath would be a great addition to your bathroom. It holds a traditional shape in its design whilst combining it with a modern aesthetic creating a boldness to its appearance. The soft texture of the bath makes it warm and inviting. If you’re hoping to create an industrial inspired bathroom or put a unique edge on a federation styled home, then the Eiffel Freestanding bath would be the perfect choice.

The dimensions for the Eiffel Freestanding bath is 1800mm in length, 700mm in width and the weight is 170kg of cast iron bath. The Eiffel bath also comes in a huge variety of colours and can even be customised to suit any bathroom colour palette.

By adding this bath into your sanctuary it will create a space that we know you’ll enjoy. The Eiffel Freestanding bath is an amazing piece to feature in your home and know that if you chose this bath you will be ecstatic with the finished product. It’s a perfect bath if you’re wanting some time for an hour of luxury and comfort whilst reading your favourite book and sipping on a cup of tea.