Dorado Toilet Suite

Dorado Toilet Suite



Toilets have quickly become another way you can display style within your bathroom, they are no longer just functional technology hidden away in a small room of the house. Many people have toilets in their bathroom and they want them to be stylish and functional. The Dorado Toilet suite has aimed to be a stylish piece without a big price tag. The affordable toilet suite follows a curved design that looks soft, and the best part is it hides all the plumbing. No more pipes coming out of the wall ruining your well-designed room, but a hidden system behind a contemporary looking base. Its simplicity will blend in well with whatever style you choose.

One of the things we love so much about the Dorado Toilet Suite is its soft closing lid, no need to slam it down, simply push it lightly and it will do the rest for you. Not only that but you can also remove the top making it easy to keep clean. The Dorado Toilet Suite is designed to sit flush up against the wall, we know that the toilet isn’t what you want standing out in your beautifully designed bathroom which is why the Dorado is one of the suites we recommend, it has a subtle design.

A toilet suite isn’t something you install in your home every day and because of this we understand you want something durable in your home that will last you many years. The Dorado toilet suite has that durability. We are assured that if you chose this suite, you’ll be happy with the outcome.

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