Carboni Inset Basin

Carboni Inset Basin



The Carboni Inset Basin is a seamless and understated square design that has a bolder edge which creates for a modern basin. It is a perfect fit for those of you wanting something in-between an above counter basin and under counter basin. Sitting just off the benchtop gives the illusion that it’s a smaller basin and therefore doesn’t overpower your choice in vanity or fittings, however it is in fact generous in size allowing for a 3 litres of water to fill the basin.

Pair this basin with a sink mixer that is mounted on top of the basin and know that the way this basin has been designed, it goes with both square and round basin mixers. Even though the basin has a predominantly square shape, that shape has been created using rounded lines and curvature giving the overall sink a softer look. Its modern without taking away all the traditional ideas of a basin, therefore if choosing this basin, you’re on-trend with the current design without having to worry that it will outdate in a couple years. The Carboni Inset Basin can be suitable for many home types, whether you have a family with children, or you just want a practical yet stylish basin, it will serve all family members well.

We all know that cleaning a bathroom is a daily task at times can be quite difficult, however with the way this inset basin is installed and designed makes for easy cleaning. There’s no need to try and get into corners and crevasses, you can just easily wipe away the mess with one simple movement. So, if you decide the Carboni is for you then we know you will love and enjoy having it in your home.

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