Artisan Above Counter Basin

Artisan Above Counter Basin



The Artisan Above Counter Basin comes in many shapes and was inspired by the Nordic style incorporating simplicity. The thin rim design follows along the trends featuring in Europe at the moment and is style conscious without breaking the bank.

The following list includes the options for the Artisan Above Counter Basin:

  • The round design is 405mm in diameter and sits 140mm off the benchtop;

  • The square design is 390mm x 390mm and sits 150mm from the bench;

  • The rectangle design is 490mm x 380mm or 600mm x 410mm and sits 150mm from the bench;

  • The oval design is 510mm x 380mm and sits 150mm off the bench;

  • The curved square is 400mm x 400mm and the curved rectangle is 480mm x 390mm and they sit 150mm from the benchtop.

Because of its intricate look, pairing it with wall mounted tapware keeps things simple and doesn’t overpower the basin or take away from its minimalistic design. It really is an elegant basin, that’s why we love pairing it with marble, stone, smaller tapware and simplistic vanity designs. This means nothing takes away from the basin and all the materials work together to create a beautiful sanctuary. It really does encompass this idea of luxury within a home, something that everyone wants but haven’t been able to afford.

Made from Vitreous china, means that it’s tougher, denser and has that beautiful glazed look. Being made from this material means you can be confident in the basin you’ve chosen and that it will be durable in your home, crack resistant and suitable for your lifestyle. We really look forward to seeing this basin making a feature in many bathrooms, including yours.

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