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Lighting and electrical is often skipped or overlooked in a bathroom and it’s important to get it right in your next renovation. Whether that’s by adding in more power points or relocating the ceiling lights our Interior Designers can help you create the right mood or brightness in your bathroom. There are many types of lights that can be installed in a bathroom. This can include wall lights to get that perfect makeup light, chandeliers to create a sense of elegance and ambient lighting or downlights to brighten up your family bathroom. The most common colour of lights for a bathroom is either cool while (bright white) or a daylight colour. This gives you the most accurate visibility of skin tone and colouring. Check out our range of exhaust fans and also fan, light and heater combinations to suit your bathroom. They come in various styles, colours, fan strengths and also how many heat globes. Adequate ventilation is very important in a bathroom as it removes the moisture before it can affect your bathroom which if not rectified early could potentially cause harmful mould that can impact on your family. Underfloor heating can be an economical way to heat your home that is programmed by a thermostat. Underfloor heating can be installed in most homes in Perth so enquire today to install total comfort in underfloor heating. You can start shopping the latest lighting and electrical trends and tips from the experts at Smart Style Bathrooms on how to style your bathroom.