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Why we love Phoenix Tapware Image

We have the luxury of so many options when it comes to choosing tapware. However, having so many options can at times be confusing and then difficult to narrow down. How do you know you’re picking a reliable mixer at a reasonable price? read more

Designing Your Next Bathroom Image

Creating a stylish bathroom that hits all the main on-trend designs requires you to be knowledgeable on what’s the most desired design trends of the moment. Design is made up of many factors, it’s not just aesthetics, but it’s about knowing where to best place items within a room, how to create a cohesive style, how to mix textures and patterns in a manner that compliments one another and how to tailor the room to a specific person’s style. read more

Custom Made Vanities Image

A vanity, can be such an important piece within your bathroom. Being a functional piece of furniture means it is worth putting some thought and energy into designing it. There are many elements that make up a vanity, including: the top, the basin, the handles, the number of draws, and cupboards. But just because something is functional doesn’t mean it can’t make a statement, and for many bathrooms the vanity is in fact the focal point. read more

Treat yourself – A bathroom is not just a practical room but your very own sanctuary Image

Kids, work, friends, social gatherings, exercising, there are so many things that take up our time and sometimes we need to escape every now and then. This is where bathrooms have evolved from being an area purely designed for practicality and into a room that is designed to create your own day spa. Your own sanctuary at home is what every home owner is chasing, read more

The Beauty of Essastone Image

Do you have a busy lifestyle, a big family, and little time for cleaning your home? If so Essastone is a fantastic quartz product that can feature throughout your home. Essastone is a low maintenance and durable product intended mainly for surface benches in your home, such as in the bathroom. read more

Maximising space in a Small Bathroom Image

It’s important to look at the design layout if you have a small bathroom, as there can be a way to re-configure the bathroom layout to maximise your space if you are considering a bathroom renovation. The team at Smart Style Bathrooms have provided a few tips in order to maximise your space in a small bathroom.
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